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DRUKNROLL “In The Game / В Игре”

Metal Scrap Records, 2016

Music: Progressive Thrash Death Metal
Duration: 44:06 minutes (10 tracks)
Country: Russia


The album was started by the very dynamic and somewhat crazy thrash-death-metal mixture, in which the main role is played by the multi-vocals – the screams and growls, the dynamic melodic singings and the strong accent of vocals … The songs are densely saturated by the guitar riffs and the strong accent of drums, which makes that music gives you a kick and at the same time is very diverse thematically. Besides of heavy and fast playing we will hear the different melodies of acoustic guitars, keyboards accents and arpeggios and melodic vocals.

And as the lyrics are in Russian then it sounds more interesting. At times the vocals are pompous, like in the communist era. At times some themes I associate with KAT & ROMAN KOSTRZEWSKI and a bit of Polish QUO VADIS. The feisty style of the singing is reminiscent to the way of singing of Roman Kostrzewski. You can also hear this in the acoustic ballads, which pass into heavier playing.

In turn, the distorted bass sometimes gives for songs a dirty sound, and the dynamic keyboards gives a para-symphonic breath or a hit of Electro in Techno style. At times there is more death, other times – more thrash. Overall the music is a very dynamic, melodic and heavy.

The album can surprise thanks to these arrangements. It is very well thought out and coherent, I would say it even is progressive.

1. The Wolf 04:41
2. Abyss 04:37
3. Below 04:39
4. My Role 05:01
5. The Loop of World Creation 04:15
6. In the Game 04:20
7. Monomakh 03:55
8. In the Depths of No Return 04:01
9. In Parallel Planes 04:52
10.Tears 03:20

Druknroll – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Horror – Cocal
Knip – Guitars, Sound Effects
Jester – Drums

Rate: 9.0/10

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