HERALD “Masin”

Besat Records, 2015

Music: Heavy Metal
Duration: 51:05 minutes (12 tracks)
Country: Estonia


Here today, after a long break, I come back to present another music groups and my music feelings. In a word, I go back to writing reviews. In this case for a good start I have a good team that is HERALD and their third studio album under the name of “Masin.” I learned that the album has been released in their 15th anniversary and also my 15th wedding anniversary :). The male quintet comes from Estonia and they play since 2000. The band has performed over these years in Estonia and Europe.

The album includes a booklet with songs, which we have 12. And photographs of musicians reveal what genre of music is close to its creators. They play Heavy Metal and this genre is important in their works. It is audible from the first track… Good, old Heavy Metal but with touch the fresh sounds. It is difficult to identify in a single word, but it sounds for me as if I listened to Heavy Metal with the new approach for making arrangements. Here is dynamic, sharp, clearly Heavy Metal music with a characteristic screaming-singing vocals. All you can hear here. But here also is a freshness that brings to the tracks variety, slow down of tempos, or change of the sound of the vocals.

I do not want somehow to classify the music, however such music can each of us inspire for different feelings, impressions, associations. But what is the freshness here? First, often changes of pace and by the same the rhythm of guitars. Additionally, you can hear the acoustic inserts, which add such musical poetry. The vocals really deserves the recognition, because the vocals have great sound in low melodious notes and in traditional metal scream.

The language of songs is interesting. Certainly it is not English and it seems to me that this is probably native language of the musicians. This language also adds darkness and originality. I like such kind of music when it surprising me and it changing something in the tradition of music genre but at the same time this innovation fits to old tradition and it does not mar this and creates the musical tension.

There’s no denying that the gentlemen didn’t were lazy over the years. The album “Masin” confirmed that they are well-prepared musicians and fantastic artists. I wish them to continue their musical way with the same sensibility and talent. I think they will surprise the fans again. And I encourage you to listening of “Masin.”

1. Adrenaliin
2. Meister
3. Masin
4. Kallis kivi
5. Võõras omade seas
6. Tühised teooriad
7. Tühjust täis
8. Fööniks
9. Foobia
10. Ussipesa
11. Hõbe ja kuld
12. Kahe näoga mees

Egert Vandel – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Tauno Nava – Guitars, Vocals (backing), Vocals (choirs)
Sven Varkel – Vocals
Jaan Liinat – Drums, Percussion, Vocals (backing), Vocals (choirs)
Meelis Endla – Bass, Vocals (backing), Vocals (choirs)

Rate: 10/10

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