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Ezerath is a Progressive Death Metal Solo Project spearheaded by Jeremy Vocino-Montpetit. Undoubtedly one among the best solo projects that I have come across, Ezerath released their debut albun this year which was a culumination of 3 years of his hardwork. Jeremy was kind enough to give us an Interview where we discussed quite a lot of things including his take on Modern Metal.

How did you come up with the name “Ezerath”?

Honestly, it’s just something I came up with randomly trying to think of something that sounded cool and interesting.

Overture turned out to be a massive success for you as the album captured a lot of hearts worldwide. Would you like to share the entire recording process?

Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. It was an interesting, rewarding and at time frustrating process haha. It was recorded in 3 different rooms/apartments. I started recording it in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and finished it in Barbados.

I spent a while recording it. The song Hand of a Serth had been recorded probably 3 times completely on guitar till I had my final version because I had been upgrading parts of my recording rig. Once the guitars were done, I had to learn how to growl/scream/whatever you want to call it. That was interesting and definitely a challenge.
Once everything was recorded I started learning how to greater improve the mix/master that I had been recording tracks to. Countless hours of reading on forums, YouTube videos, and talking to friends about how to do certain things are what helped me get somewhere that I was comfortable with the sound that I was able to achieve.
Beginning to end it was a 3 year process.

Being a Solo Artist how hard was it for you to record a full length album?

It definitely wasn’t easy however it was extremely rewarding once everything was done and I was happy with the final product.

Were the drums programmed or you did it yourself? Are you satisfied with the end result?

Yes they were. The two most important parts of making programmed drums sound real in my opinion are:

1) Understanding what is possible when really playing drums and applying that to the MIDI tracks.

2) Adjusting the velocities to make them non-robotic.

Do you see an advantage of being independent rather than being on a big record label?

Maybe. There are pros and cons to both sides. I think they need to suit the project. This is a solo project with no live performances so I don’t really need a label finding me shows or anything like that.

How do you handle criticism?

Criticism is very important to be able to take properly. Constructive criticism can really make you take a step back and look at how you could regroup, re-analyze and rebuilt; bigger, better and stronger.

Tell me about the biggest mistake you ever made at work and what did you do about it?

I blew up my interface and was forced to wait 2 months till I could get a new one. I was using the phantom power on my Scarlett 2i4 and I unplugged the microphone and re-plugged it in, meanwhile my interface made a huge popping sound and it blew. No sound would come out of it afterwards. I won’t be doing that again. It blew up when I was in Barbados and couldn’t find a new one so I waited till I was in Montreal on vacation to buy my new one.

Being a Modern Metal Band yourself What is your take on Modern Metal Scene? Would you rather prefer OG stuff or Modern sound?

I think it’s growing. There seems to be a lot of people recording in their homes due to the increase in technology and processing power. The need for a huge analog desk is definitely nice, but not necessary to make great sounding music today.

I still very much like the OG stuff in terms of song writing however I much prefer the sonic sound/production of modern metal. I listen to both.

How do you describe your music to people?

I’d really be interested to hear how other people describe how Ezerath sounds however if I had to say, it’s a blend of different extreme metal subgenres: progressive, technical at times, atmospheric at times, and blackened at times; death metal.

What do you want to achieve as a band?

Continue to write good music that I like and for hopefully other people to find it cool too haha

I hope you will succeed on achieving your goals. On behalf of Metal Centre Crew I thank you for giving us an Interview and All The Very Best for your Future. Cheers!

Thank you very much! I appreciate you taking the time to reach out. Thanks again. Cheers!

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