FINAL COIL “Persistence of Memory”

WormHoleDeath Records, 2017

Music: Progressive Metal


Duration: 65:00 minutes (11 tracks)

Country: United Kingdom


With 2017 gone and almost forgotten, it is some of the finest albums that remind us of the year 2017. With my AOTY list done, I pretty much refuse to claim that 2017 was a good year for Metal. In fact, it was a year for newer bands to make name for themselves with quality debut albums. English Alt/Prog Metal band Final Coil is one such competitor for the best debut artist of 2017. It is hard to not think of Tool if you listen to Final Coil for the first time. Their formula is pretty simple, write an Alt Metal song and construct a groovy and proggy structure to go along with it. It is much evident from their 2017 effort.

Album starts with the track Corruption which has a killer and groovy intro followed by clean and soaring deliverance. A good way to start an album, as far as I’m concerned. The second track perfectly traces the formula and starts with a melodic riff which later transits into a much more “formulaic” structure. Hoping for something special, fourth track is what I find more minimalistic compared to the rest of the album.

You Waste My Time, being the fourth track is my pick for the best one on the album. Having multi-layered​ song structure with melodic yet heavy riff intertwined with simplistic electronic-ish beats is how the song sounds. The problem with the album is that it more formulaic compared to most of the Prog metal acts who try to be straight and original. Moreover, the first half of the album is golden and the mediocre second half lets the overall complexion to drop.

Listening to a 1 hour album is never easy. But when such albums are written by Final Coil, I might finish the album and might as well repeat some of the songs. Overall, this album is definitely not an AOTY contender but is a beautiful album written by a potential band who, in my pinion might make it big in the Alt/Prog Metal scene.



Phil Stiles – Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitars
Richard Awdry – Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals
Jola Stiles – Bass / Design
Tony ‘Ches’ Hughes – Drums


1. Corruption
2. Dying
3. Alone
4. You Waste My Time
5. Myopic
6. Failed Light
7. Spider Feet
8. Lost Hope
9. Moths To The Flame
10.In Silent Reproach
11. Alienation

Rate: 8.5/10

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