UNSAFE “Enter Dark Places”


Mighty Music, 2015

Music: Thrash Death Metal
Duration: 48:44 minutes (13 tracks)
Country: France


The band started its activity in the late 90s after the collapse Thrashcore formation ENDLESS FALL. As UNSAFE, they released 4 albums, and since 2010 the vocalism is lead by Stephanie Nolf – co-founder of the band and she also is largely responsible for the arrangements. So we have more and more bands with female vocals that use their voice to utter a growl. And the scream of Stephanie is great, it is giving old-school tone for the whole.

“Enter the Dark Places” is a very dynamic production. It oscillates on the border of two aggressive worlds – Thrash Metal and Death Metal. The music is very predatory, aggressive and obviously is heavy. The fast guitar’s riffs and powerful drum’s beats form the perfect background for the sharp and aggressive screams interspersed with the equally monstrous growls. The dynamic solos even more create the dynamics and atmosphere of the works, giving to them greater spaciousness. And the rhythm is usually contained in fast tempos with temporary decelerations. The arrangements include many interesting solutions of rhythm, which are created by the specifically composed riffs and drum’s beats. This makes the material is technical and very predatory. Some phrases remind the works of PANTERA, DEATH and even OBITUARY.

The album also contains different song – “Shores Of Infinity”, which gives a listener a moment of respite. It’s the very atmospheric instrumental-guitar’s passages with the melancholic solo, with the balladic tone of the typical for style of Thrash Metal, which triggered my memories from the album “Never, Neverland” of ANNIHILATOR.

The album “Enter the Dark Places” is another proof of the fact that women also have much to offer in Metal. Women more often appear on Metal yard, not only as fans or as singers lighter genres of Metal but as vocalists of extreme Metal genres and as composers of predatory and heavy music.

01. Enter Dark Places
02. Watch Out
03. The Final Stages
04. Negativity
05. Intentional Homocide
06. A Better World
07. Virtual Jail
08. Shores Of Infinity
09. On The Edge Of A Precipice
10. Stimulate My Mind
11. Dark Side
12. Wasted Years
13. Half-Wit

Stephanie Nolf – vocals
Lionel Faucher – guitars
Niko Bona – guitars
Mattiew Giraud – bass
Xavier Garrabos – drums

Rate: 8.0/10

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