WOOAAARGH Records, 2018

Music: Hardcore


Duration: 33:24 minutes (9 tracks)

Country: France

Hardcore might be a misleading genre according to people nowadays whom categorise Beartooth as a Hardcore, who in reality are not even close of being called Metalcore hence the name Melodic Metalcore. Hardcore Punk is what made bands form a lot of new genres including Metalcore and Grindcore as a result of experimentation. How often do you recall the bands like Minor Threat, Black Flag, Dillinger Escape Plan and others. The said bands including Converge paved the way for one among the extreme genres in metal. Converge started out as something like Post-hardcore and later on recreated the chaotic Mathcore sound. This is what I call Hardcore, its mostly experimentation. Even though Hardcore is a short notation for Metallic Hardcore, I deliberately use this term to categorise bands who sound/try to sound like Converge(the reason why I am being centric to Converge is that, they are my favourite band).

That brings us to the French trio of Bind Torture Kill. Their music is basically a darker version of Hardcore. As far as I’m concerned their sound is much closer to “The Infamous Gehenna”, only good blackened hardcore band. BTK’s sophomore effort, Visceres reflects their resemblance. Starting the album with a rather soft yet groovy track, the album quickly bursts out in terms of angst and extremity. The timely growls traces the pummeling and swiftly  paced drums backed with some insane riffage. You might find a tiny absence in their instrumentation, which is the bass section. They dont have a bassist. Yet, as far as I’m concerned the songs stick together well without falling apart.

Those who tend to find breakdowns heavy and filthy MUST check this album. The breakdowns are insanely heavy and it sounds as if a Chainsaw is being revved up for decapitating one’s head. Seriously though, these guys do know how to write heavy stuff. Before you check these guys out, they do not sound soft and nor does they have a melodic chorus riff. Every single riff is as heavy as the Iceberg that wrecked the Titanic. I never expected this album to turn out this heavy, considering the fact that these dudes are unknown for the masses. I’m more than happy that Visceras grabbed my attention.

What do you get if you titrate toluene with nitrate and sulphuric acid? TNT? Wrong, you get BTK. Even if I’m bad at science, I’m not bad at finding some explosive music. Bind Torture Kill is an Underground band who have full potential to tour with major acts. Visceres is an underground gem which really deserves the attention and undoubtedly this album will enter my 2018 AOTY list. I hope I will get a chance to catch these guys live touring alonside with Converge, they really deserve it.


1. Fléau
2. Au fond du trou
3. Nourrir le singe
4. Perte et fracas
5. Sanguinaire
6. Pestilence
7. Maelstrom
8. Chacal
9. Abject


Olivier Alexandre – Vocal
Yann Alexandre – Guitar
Benjamin Garçon – Drums

Rate: 9.5/10

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Sooraj Ram

Nationality:- Indian Favourite Genres:- Metallic Hardcore,Melo Metalcore, Deathcore, Death Metal, Symphonic Metal, Beatdown Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Alt Rock, Electronic Metal/Rock and more... Favourite Bands:- A long list topped by Parkway Drive Favourite Albums:- Don't Close Your Eyes EP, To Die For, Killing With A Smile, Jane Doe, The Final Beatdown, Vomit Forth Intestinal Excrement, Dear Desolation, King Is Coming, Calculating Infinity, Daughters EP, 012:2 and more Self Taught Drummer and an Avid Music Monitor. Always up for new music and probably the first in line to promote an Underground/Underrated Bands.



Tour Dates

  • Apricity European Tour 2018

    Tour line up: Atra Vetosus (Australia), Perennial Isolation (Spain), Drawn Into Descent (Belgium) and Nocturnal Depression (France) “Special Guest”.


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