Collective Wave Records, 2017

Music: Thrash Metal


Duration: 19:58 minutes (5 tracks)

Country: The United States


ARISEN FROM NOTHING was created in 2008 in Seattle, the city very well-deserved for popular music. Some well-known and completely different music bands like HEART, SANCTUARY and SOUNDGARDEN come from the city. The band’s name refers to the mythical bird of Phoenix, who died in flames and then have reborned from the ashes.

Earlier, the American quintet released one EP, two full-lenght albums and a single. They played a lot of concerts in the United States. They direct their latest five-track release for fans of LAMB OF GOD and MACHINE HEAD. I have some problem with that because I do not like these bands. However, I will try objectively to rate the music of metallers from Seattle (as much as possible).

The five tracks on this short album represent a style that I would call “modern thrash-metal”. The music is sharp but at the same time it is catchy – that is an advantage. The aggressive sounds diversify the melodious, dramatic refrains. The vocalist sings with “hoarseness”, he is not monotonous, although he keeps one style of man’s scream. The instrumentalists are good, but the leading guitarist stands out, on this album there are a lot of his performances, the various techniques of playing, extensive and interesting solos.

The songs are interestingly composed, they have dramaturgy and the introductions are adding intriguing flavor (eg the sound of reloading of weapon at the beginning of the “American Patriot”). I liked most the last song “Born Hated”, it is the most brutal on this album, I would prefer to the band follows its style.

So, as the whole, the content of “Broken” seems to me a bit diluted, like “semi-contact karate” instead of “full-contact”, i.e. the lack of powerful, knockout punches. But this is just my subjective opinion of course. The band definitely makes energetic concerts. When I visit Seattle I will definitely go for some show to will watch ARISEN FROM NOTHING in action.



2.American Patriot

3.Better Off Dead

4.Falling from Grace

5.Born Hated


Jessie Brigham – vocal

Steven Pontius – guitar

Troy Elmore – guitar

Eric Hanson – bass

Brandon Fuller – drums

Rate: 7.5/10

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Livius Pilavi

He comes from Poland. Hobbies: music, visual arts, literature, philosophy, biology, neuroscience, astronomy, unusual variety of chess. Favorite music genres: Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Gothic, New Wave, Cold Wave, Noise, Electronic music of Berlin School. Sometimes he creates controversial stories and drawings.



Tour Dates

  • Apricity European Tour 2018

    Tour line up: Atra Vetosus (Australia), Perennial Isolation (Spain), Drawn Into Descent (Belgium) and Nocturnal Depression (France) “Special Guest”.


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