Metal Scrap Records „Witchery Flames of Underground Lust” compilation # 9

Metal Scrap Records, 2016

Music: Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Black/Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Duration: 78:27 minutes (17 tracks)
Country: Ukraine


This disc is a compilation of the bands released by the Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Recordings Inc. The label is shop, distribution, promo & record agency and makes concerts & booking. On the compilation, already ninth in turn, released by Metal Scrap Records we find seventeen songf of seventeen bands presenting many genres of metal. The bands come from different regions of the world: from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Greece, Italy, Israel, USA, Australia.

The disparity in the approach to making music is huge, but the disc sounds consistent, and despite of the variety, the all bands retain the spirit of traditional metalwork. We will not find here Nu Metal or some Disco-Death. The good quality of sound and constant level of volume are kept from the begining to the end. I rated three songs as “great”, five as “very good”, three as “good” and six as “average-good” from all of songs. This means that there is no bad track on this disc.

I will write something about three tracks from all of tracks that caught my attention. HORTUS ANIMAE “Ungrateful Fate” was presented by progressive Black metallers from Italy. They used romantic violins and keys alternating with Black aggression with addition of melodic Heavy-metal guitar and rock solos of keys. These are very original searchings.

STRIDENT “Final Warhead Blast” is a traditional thrash from Israel. Dynamic, galloping track. The musicians are well-knit and professional, the interesting solo of guitar. The good Thrash blows.

I could not miss the Polish DIVINE WEEP with the song “Age of the Immortal”. Over eight minutes of epic Heavy Metal work. The melodious guitars, the great rhythmic section, the vocalist with a high and pure voice, the complexity and dramatic composition, the spectacular solos of guitarist. This one must be listened!

The compilation as a whole is also very positive.

1.DRUKNROLL „The Loop of World Creation”
3.AETERNUS PROPHET “White Rot of Missing Thoughts”
4.HORTUS ANIMAE “Ungrateful Fate”
5.SABOTAGE “Don’t Panic”
6.ESTATE “Hero”
7.ONE STEP BEYOND “Enlightenment”
8.BROKDAR “Lycantrophy”
9.PHANTASMAL “Specter of Death”
10.SUNLIGHT “Struggle for Deliverance”
11.DARK MOROK “Night of the Shadows”
13.STRIDENT “Final Warhead Blast”
14.XPUS “Primordial Evil Essence”
15.GRENOUER “No Sense Aligned”
16.DIVINE WEEP “Age of the Immortal”
17.UNGRACE “Dead Ugly Hearts”

Rate: 8.0/10


About the author / 

Livius Pilavi

He comes from Poland. Hobbies: music, visual arts, literature, philosophy, biology, neuroscience, astronomy, unusual variety of chess. Favorite music genres: Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Gothic, New Wave, Cold Wave, Noise, Electronic music of Berlin School. Sometimes he creates controversial stories and drawings.



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