APHYXION “Aftermath”

Prime Collective, 2016

Music: Modern Melodic Death Metal
Duration: 44:16 minutes (11 tracks)
Country: Denmark


For tenth of anniversary the Danish band released their second album “Aftermath”, the successor of “Earth Entangled”. If we mean the length of the band, this is not the pinnacle of musical fertility. However, a maturity of musical material is important. And the maturity in the case of “Aftermath” is inversely proportional to the age of musicians. Judging by the photos they are quite young and they have innocent look (such polite, nice the youths, but dressed in black t-shirts), although their innocence, especially musical, can be challenged…

Generally speaking, “Aftermath” presents us modern Death Metal, full of specific melody, rhythms and also of aggression and ferocity, enriched by the electronic samples (sometimes in the style of Techno) that introduce the listener into the song or sometimes resound in the background.

Frankly speaking, despite their outright cyber and sterile sound as well as performance I like their way of perception of Death Metal. There are the saturated with emotion growlings and screams. There are the heavy and very dynamic riffs (sometimes touching on patents of Mathcore or Djent Metal) maintained in the medium-fast tempos. And of course there are the specific guitar melodies, that give the whole a pinch of melancholy and deepen the climate by the stretching of presented a musical space.

APHYXION can be described as representatives of the New Wave of Death Metal, which undeniably and clearly signals its presence in the twenty-first century by this type of bands, whose the image and the lyrical content are completely different from the classic image of death-metal bands (not to say from the classic metal band). Such bands (like APHYXION) are characterized by a tendency to approach to the areas currently trendy and widely understood like Core music, but they are still remaining at certain constant conventions and standards rooted in Death Metal (like heavy sound, strong and dynamic aggressive pace or growling).


1. Dark Stains on Ivory
2. Same Kind of Different
3. Destined to Fail
4. As We Blacken the Sky
5. Born to Stand Strong
6. Can’t Be Beat
7. When the Lights Begin to Fade
8. Consumer Consumed
9. Prisoners of War
10. A Part of the Solution
11. The Nature of Mankind

Jakob Jensen – Drums
Michael Vahl – Vocals
Jais Jessen – Bass
Jonas Haagensen – Guitars
Bertil Rytter – Guitars & Backing vocals

Rate: 8.5/10

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