Self Released, 2017

 Music: Melodic Metalcore
Duration: (8 tracks)
Country: Czech Republic

Czech has an Underrated and Hidden Metal Scene beneath its vast territory. But the evolution in technology has helped us a lot on discovering them at ease, without much Difficulty. Today I will be showcasing a Czech Melodic Metalcore band, Breaking The Cycle. Melodic Metalcore might be a simpler name for their sound. The band’s stylistic background can be bordered to something called, Ambient Metalcore where the ideal use of Synth and Electronics mesmerize the listeners by giving a small Atmospheric Punch to the Original Melodic Metalcore sound. Their Latest album, As Above, So Below reflect their sound well. Let us see what these Young Czechs have put up…..

The first impression for a buyer comes from the Album Art and the Title. With a beautiful Album Art and an Apt Name with matches the Artwork well, BTC nailed the First Impression for me. As Above, So Below features 8 beautiful tracks, each one of them having insane melody backed with shear agressiveness. We Are Unbreakable…..spread positivity and motivates the crew to march forward. Opening track is euphonic, so are the rest of the tracklist. One can ge some Bring Me The Horizon vibes whilst listening to their songs. In terms of Vocals, the duo has nailed it. Balancing both the Screams and Cleans at the right time and place make the songs to remain together instead falling apart. Cool Electronic samples add the Atmospheric effect to their original sound. As the time elapses the songs become more heavier, yet again the Ambient sound kicks in at the right time. The transitions from a Heavy Breakdown to Clean Vox might get confusing but the Synth effluent covers up the mess. In the end all of the Instruments come together at a right balance without destroying their creativity. An album worth listening and repeating, the Lighter and Heavier sounds attract fans of wide range of genres. This trend might not dissolve soon as newer bands are adapting the same method used by BTC.


Overall the album is stunning. Ambient Metalcore might sound cheesy but their sound is fresh and addictive. I might as well follow these guys to keep updated of their future works. Get your daily dose of Ambient Metalcore by purchasing their album. Make sure to keep your adrenaline pumped up for this. Very much looking forward for their future releases. Henceforth this Album is definitely a HIT for me.


1. Unbreakable
2. Deathrone
3. Elevate
4. Choices
5. Bring Me Home
6. Sinkers
7. The Mark You Made
8. Inevitable

Tomáš ”Chottsi” Holý – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Frantisek “Banulathqo” Kolařík – Guitar,
Jakub ”Nudla” Holý – Bass, Vocals
Michal ”Minna” Holý – Drums

Rate: 8.5/10

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Sooraj Ram

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