HAVAMAL “Call Of The North”

Independent, 2017

Music: Melodic Death Metal, Viking Metal
Duration: 28:47 Minutes (6 Tracks)
Country: Sweden


Viking Metal is often mistook as a Thematic Genre instead being a real one. Its true that Lyrical Theme doesnot determine the Subgenre but in the case of Viking Metal, the bands are not generalised on the basis of Lyrical themes. Viking Metal is somewhat a product of experimentation done with Black Metal. Actually invented by Bathory, Characteristics of this style usually involve a unique guitar sound and melodies, chants, black metal influenced vocal techniques etc. With the description of Viking Metal being narrated, Havamal doesnot completely call themselves as Viking Metal instead being straight forwardly claiming that they Play Melo Death. The Folk Metal Influences and Heavy Orchestration is what makes this genre beautiful and  The band got together to release their debut album entitled Call Of The North in the year 2017. Let us find out whether these Swedish Musicians are capable of Sailing through Rough Tides….

The Album starts off with the Havamal, an ambient folkish intro which gives away an essence of addiction to the upcoming tracks. Dwelling on the same Folk Metal atmosphere the next track literally blew my mind. The main reason why I like this record is because of its Classical Instrumentation. Beautiful arrangement of Orchestral Instrument and Guitar passages. Apart from the beautiful instrumentation, Vocal works are done pretty tight as well. The band’s stylistic approach can be compared to Ensiferium and Dimmu Borgir. The true face of their thematic representation is portrayed on the track which follows Dread Age, Jotun War. A Standard Viking Metal Anthem coupled with fiery Guitar riffs amd swiftly executed Blast Beats. The Keyboard add ons add Ambience and Euphony whereas the Deliverance of the entire lyrics makes this song an Anthem. Probably the best track on this album, Jotun War represents Havamal as a Band. The rest of the Tracklist is rather Dark compared to the preceding tracks. The tracls Ragnarök and Call of the North sounds as if the album took a different sound which is a bit like Symphonic Black. For a memorable Album like Call of the North, the setlist ceases with a memorable track like Force Judgement. Multi-layered Guitar riffs interwoven with Euphonic Orchestral elements make this song a certified banger.

Call of the North is not an album where one purchases it and stops listening after a coyple of spins. Its an Album that is worthy of putting on repeat for several ages. I absolutely enjoyed the album and might as well make this one as one among the best albums of this year. So Buckle Up! and Start sailing with these Swedish Warriors to get a memorable journey which will make your life more adventurous and eternal.


1. Havamal
2. Dread Age
3. Jotun War
4. Ragnarök
5. Call For Revenge
6. Force Of Jueternal


Björn – Vocals.
Lennie – Guitar
Kjell – Guitar
Pontus – Bass
Andreas – Drums

Rate: 9.0/10

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