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Interview with Dmitriv & Alex

December 2007

Many fans of metal music do not know, that in countries of Eastern Europe and of Minor Asia also are metal bands which in nothing do not run away from bands of "West". For example NIGHT WIND come from Uzbekistan... How does look local metal scene?

Dmitriy: There are a lot of rock bands different kind of sounds and stile in Uzbekistan. There are a lot of live-shows in Uzbekistan all over the country. It’s not difficult to create new band here and start to play any kind of rock music. The rock bands of Uzbekistan are not unknown bands all over the world. It’s very difficult to do famous rock bands in our country! There are lot problems we must jump up! It’s really far away from Europe or America! The main idea of Uzbekistan’s music is native folk music and native pop music. There is a lot of radio stations broadcast in Uzbekistan. The radio stations broadcast different kind of music from Uzbekistan and all over the world. Everyday we switch on the radio and can listen to pop, rock and so on kind of music. Sometimes it’s really interesting to listen to all kind of music. Night WinD had a lot of live interviews on the radio station and newspapers all over the world and Uzbekistan.
Alex: There are a lot economical problems in Uzbekistan but rock music is development too speed. It’s impressive the quantity of the creative initiative of the masses that play rock music not for money. There are a lot of different rock bands with too hard sounds and style in Uzbekistan. If we can say the total quality of rock music and ideas of local bands we can wish more good music, it’s a real local quality of rock music and no more over … we don’t tell about world’s sounds of music. I cannot correctly choose someone else rock bands here. This is rock band Flight 09 that plays as the professionals. They play and make recording their Cds and sell abroad and have good songs. Their shortage is using old sound.

What a music do you create?

Dmitriy: We though to play doom rock metal! At the beginning of our rehearsals we played mix stile of rock music! We created full CD “The Midnight’s Dances” and come to the recording labels in our country. During process of recording we had no idea what kind of music we can listen to our CD! It was new live process of recording in studio! During recording time we changed 3 recording studios. High end recording we made only 3 songs! The rest songs from our CD we made with bad sound of recording! When we started to listen to our songs we had our mind out to understand what we had done! At the beginning we hadn’t to accept and understand the sound of our songs and really new ideas of sound of our songs! If you have one possibility to use one sound in rehearsal room and visit recording room for doing recording CD and use the big possibilities of recording room during song’s recording … we started to understand and found new idea of our songs and sound! The main idea of our songs is melodic! The texts idea really understands world’ life and death! Night WinD plays Sorrow rock metal!
Alex: We hand’s and haven’t aims to play only one kind of music. The main task of our music is ideas and musical potentials. There are beautiful melodies and inner energy songs.

So what themes do you contain in your texts?

Dmitriy: I write different kind of songs! I create easy understanding songs! The main idea in my text is the human and humanity with wishes, pain, tears, blood, hate and so on! I must bring up and blow up the mind of human inside and flow out the illusions, pollutions, and isolations and so on!

Where did you record "The Midnight's Dances" exactly?

Dmitriy: We started to make recording our CD “The Midnight’s Dances” first time at home recording studio! After we over to do it come new 2 recording studios in Tashkent. It was first time to play live in studios during recording process! It’s really different moments! If rock band play live show and make recording in studio! We understood it all!
Alex: It’s mistake we cannot realize our CD. We have recorded full CD long time ago. We must correct and rewrite a lot and very hard. „Mistress” and „The Rhythm of My Heart” we made recording in home studio. „Intro” we made recording later in profession recording studio local quality. The rest 7 songs else we have with not professional sound and recording.

How does look matter of studios of recordings in Uzbekistan?

Dmitriy: We made recording our CD “The Midnight’s Dances” in 3 recording studios.
We visit the recording studies when we had 10 songs to make recording. During process of recording we changed our mind many times. It was experiment to create something new that had never done here before any one rock bands in Uzbekistan! We made it great! No one rock bands in Uzbekistan cannot believe that it had been done by 4 men from here without anyone help! The truth is great that during recording process the record man cried and roared that they cannot find the real great sound for our ideas! It was too difficult for them to understand us correctly and right that’s why we are not satisfied the recording of our CD “The Midnight’s dances”! It’s impossible to do the great sound and use the great instruments here! No one can find here it … ever! Now we are looking for recording labels abroad!
Alex: It’s a pity we hadn’t advance possibility to prepare full CD before and come to recording studio we created in studio during recording process. It special talks about arrangements.

"The Midnight's Dances" is not for orthodox metallers. Apart from of influences of Gothic Metal, Art Rock there influences of New Age appear. The music contained in the album is very melodious and nostalgic, it reminds me Polish band NIGHTLY GALE. What did inspire you to creating of this type of sounds?

Dmitriy: We were different kind men and we liked very different kind of music! When we started to make our rehearsals process in our room! We took decision to mix different kind of music and metabolic deep beautiful vocal of our vocalist! We started to find only our personal sound forever! Time goes by and we grew up and think we found and created our really not specific and original sound here forever!
Alex: It’s very difficult to say that impressived us. It’s simply to say we want to create beautiful and sense songs. We cannot neglect that we have to be under impression of Gothic Metal, Art rock and New Age. It’s not bad to bring in world music our kind of music. I have no idea about Nightly Gale.

What music do you listen everyday?

Dmitriy: I listen to music everyday! My music is silence! I’d like different kind of music!
Alex: I’d like to listen to different kind of music. I can listen to all stream (kind) of rock, sure I’d like the first Art rock and Progressive rock. Sometimes I’d like Pop, techno, blues, trance ,space, folk and so on, but only English artists. It’s more easy to say that I don’t want to listen to!

What do you think, if you are creating so specific music you don't limit yourselves to smaller group of fans? What I earlier said your music is not typical for metallers. It even is not typical Rock… But personally I very like your sounds.

Dmitriy: At the beginning of our career as rock musician we took decision to play different kind of music and didn’t create the borders of our songs! It’s not interesting to create one kind of rock and play only it! If you create something new (bad or good) the fans will be compare you’re the lat CD with new CD tell – bad or good words! It’s not necessary for us! We did and do only such kind our songs which we did and do!
Alex: I’d like it very much that no one can add on our CD to not one exactly style of rock music and rock bands! It’s important to say that we achieved only Night WinD sound it’s a success and we have only our personal face! The one main aim for us is to vary rock style of music! May be next our CD cannot be copy of our the last CD! The one only thing we can keep for our CD it will be melodic songs and beautiful sound with wide music equipments in songs with our personal arrangements!

NIGHT WIND came into being in 1998 year, so you will have your decade soon. Will you prepare something for this opportunity?

Dmitriy: We hope that we can rerecord our CD “The Midnight’s dances” in professional recording company and play live-shows all over the world! We do one new CD “To The Light” but we haven’t money again to recording and so on.
Alex: We have new songs but it could be in future. We hope come a chance to record our songs in professional studio and start to create new songs. We don’t want to write new songs without undone CD “The Midnight’s dances”!

Did concerts with MEDUSA'S CHILD took place? This is excellent band. What were between you relationships?

Dmitriy: Night WinD and Medusa’s Child are friends! We had talked to make live-shows in Germany and Swiss. We didn’t concert in Uzbekistan with Medusa’s Child!

What conditions will would you accept to play show beyond borders your country?

Dmitriy: 2 days ago Night WinD was invited to take part in part II FIRE NIGHTS FESTIWAL in Poland in September of 2008 year. We talk about it! May be we can make live-shows tour around Europe soon!!
Alex: First time before live-shows we must over our CD „The Midnight’s Dances”. The presents time first we think about CD but we think about live-shows too! We are ready to accept any Contract from Europe and discuss it with any labels in Europe or USA and Canada!

This was hard chat... Okay, thanks for this very short interview… It is time for your last words…

Dmitriy: Thanx you very much for interview! We were glad to give it to you magazine! We hope when we come to Europe with live-shows and Poland visit with concerts or festivals we can make a real good interesting live interview! Wait our coming to Europe! Time will come and we come! Thanx! Welcome to our country! See you! With big regards Night WinD!
Alex: Thanx for your interesting to make interview with us! We hope to see in Europe! See you! Night WinD!


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