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Interview with Alexandre Zaplagin

January 2005

Some time ago I began the virtual trips in different places of world. I want to discover of valuable bands. Many of us don't know the existence of bands, which they somewhere in world become in a own success smaller or larger. I think these bands have a lot of to offering for fans of metal. Such the band is remarkable Plastilinovy JiNN coming from Kazakhstan…

Zdrastwujtie!!! Told me how look the metal scene in Kazakhstan.

I think it is necessary to tell a few of history: The rock scene in Kazakhstan the beginnings actively to develop in the end 80. Here has been formed the rock-club. The rock-club has united approximately about 20 professional rock bands playing various styles - from HARD up to THRASH. Greater concerts, tours were organized, etc. the Rock-club supported young musicians. In the middle of 90 here have begun greater difficulties in economy and this association of various groups and musicians has stopped the existence. Some bands tried to remain on a surface, but in 98 there was an economic crisis. Many musicians have left for other countries - to Russia, to the Europe, to Israel. Someone has ceased to play and has involved in business, someone now plays in restaurants. Now I know 3-4 groups which continue to be engaged in creativity and record material in house conditions. Now many young guys would like to play Heavy Metal. But unfortunately Not everyone have suffice forces and energy to struggle with difficulties which meet on a way. Many groups exist very short time. Plastilinovy JiNN is independent band. We organized the concerts, record of albums, shootings of video by own strength. We organized presentations of albums and concert programs with the invitation of mass-media and they supported us. Often we were supported by rich people disinterestedly. Owing to it we could keep longer on a surface. Last 3-4 years all mass-media became commercial (heads were replaced) and to talk without money is impossible. Information about world metal scene on radio and TV are not present. But we are full of optimism to restore reputation of Heavy Metal here and to try to give a push for new Heavy-wave.

Do you know Kazakhstan's band APOCALYPSE? I reviewed their album "Igra". It's very good heavy metal. Besides can you mention name of metal band from your country?

Unfortunately I did not hear about "APOCALYPSE"..... Probably this band from East area of Kazakhstan (is closer to Russia)... I heard that there are good bands. Here I know bands: Chorny Prinz, Kardinal, Triumvirat, Holy Dragons, Akzent ...

You recorded several the videos. You gave to television and radio several interviews and there played your music. At present does every band in Kazakhstan have such mediumistic support? Perhaps only did you are popular?

As I have already told - Plastilinovy JiNN - independent band. We did not wait someone will do something instead of us. We rehearsed much (for 6-8 hours daily), searched for an opportunity to organize concerts, etc. (It notwithstanding what all participants of group are involved on work). We play for people. We are opened. The attention of people and support of mass-media - the award for our works is probably.

What does mean the name of band - Plastilinovy JiNN? Clay Jinn?

Plastilinovy JiNN. Plastilinovy - plasticine. Any can create the form by the selfmood at present (aggressive, cheerful, sad, rigid …). Has created? Include Plastilinovy JiNN. The JiNN - the executor of desires. Has found something for itself? If is not present - wait a following album.

What will be the next album of Plastilinovy JiNN? What will be the music on the album? Maybe you will play some songs in style of death or black metal?

I cannot tell what the album will turn out - simply I do not know. Often happens such - in a head you hear one, on rehearsals it sounds another, and in studio on record the third turns out. Especially the studio in which we make record, has received the new equipment from Germany. We shall experiment, listen, play...

The band exists from 1997 year. On your account you have achievements even quite a lot. The four albums: "Gorod Masterov" ("City Of Masters"), "Dihanie Oseni" ("Autumn Breath"), "Russkaya Ruletka" ("Russian Roulette") and the last one which I had opportunity to listen "We are". The album I described in our section of review. Soon we will talk about the album. There now I am very curious, what did characterize your previous albums?

About previews albums: " Gorod Masterov " - the first album was very heavy and mystical. The Greek mythology, the Cabbala, Bible themes, Sorcery... (16 songs) the Vocal - Alexander Zaplagin. " Dihanie Oseni " - absolutely other direction of a Hard-theme, a swing, a lot of improvisation. The song " Dihanie Oseni " at concerts have been played at 20 minutes (it cool when people experience music together with the musician). All songs - basic vocal Anzura. " Russkaya Ruletka " - the album is closer to Heavy Hard, but softer than " We are ". It is a lot of Speed themes. (12 songs) 10 songs the-basic vocal Anzura, 2 instrumental compositions. We have Shooting video of "Kan-Kan" (instrumental ). Between " Dihanie Oseni " and " Russkaya Ruletka " we played concerts with the program " Punk Never Die ", but the material has not been recorded. Between " Russkaya Ruletka " and " We are " have been recorded the solo project of Anzura in Disco style. (12 songs) And shootings of 2 videos.

The disco project doesn't interest me. We talk about "We are". Why does the title of album is English? The texts are in Russian yet.

We searched for an optimum variant of a writing of the name of an album. In Russian is written "??" are not clearly for other language groups. A variant "Mi" -it is not clear too. The name " We are " will understand all.

Who is the scriptwriter?

Music and texts of all songs - Alexander Zaplagin.

"Nash Poezd" and "Dvigay" - they sound like in style of RAMMSTEIN. These keyboards, the samples, the specific hard guitar riffs and the strong vocal. These all create the cold hard and almost cosmic climate. Did you want to the songs sounded like RAMMSTEIN.

In the beginning of record of these songs in studio we tried to transfer their rigid mood. After guitars have been recorded and we have started record of keyboard we have found out similarity with RAMMSTEIN. It has turned out casually, but I do not think that it badly. We did not begin to change anything and have decided to continue being equaled already on RAMMSTEIN. RAMMSTEIN is an excellent group to study from them (it is very good modern sound).

Does "Nash Poezd" translate itself "our vehicle"? What is the text of song? Once I learnt Russian at school for 4 years, (It was compulsory in Poland till 80.). But at present this language evaporated from my head. Hahaha …

" Nash Poezd " - " Our Train ". Sense of the text of a song (shortly): On a crossroads of times we have chosen the way. We have one luggage for all. We have one ticket for all. We go away and we wait green light. We sit down at fast train - the train speeds up. " Nash Poezd " speeds up!

Well… "We are" is quicker already and the very melodious heavy metal piece. It is the quite different climate. Why did you change of climate suddenly?

In general we do not follow any strictly certain style of Heavy rock. For us is important to transfer mood of a song. As I already described our albums - they are various also. Whether it is necessary to limit itself to borders of one style?

Of course not! But still orthodox metal-funs are. They hear one or two sorts of metal only, e.g. black/death or heavy/thrash… But I have to admit that these trumpets at the beginning of "We are" bring in the pinch of classic music…

Thanks. It is a pleasant compliment.

However "Mi Kazhetsa Gde To Vstrechalis" also is different climate again. This time you introduced us in gothic doom metal regions. The whole is like nostalgic ballad which one later run in the heavier melancholy sounds. You still change of climate, song by song. But in similar the gothic doom metal climate also is "Oglaynis". I like it. But does others metal-funs will accept favorably such flabellum of sorts?

I do not know yet. Time will show. But I think everyone can find for himself a pair of songs from this album. I hope the listening of album was not boring for someone.

Again. "Igra" started from loudspeakers sharply! The song is fast and sharp but still melodious heavy/power metal. What does bands inspire you to creating so extensive thematically arrangement?

We listen to absolutely different music. It is possible to list long all bands … Sepultura, Ministry, Slayer, Helloween, Blind Guardian, Rammstein, Brutal Truth, Stratovarius, Metallica, Kreator…. A lot of different Heavy.

"Bey Navernyaka" is the mixture style of RAMMSTEIN with influences the sharp quick and aggressive power metal. Here even the vocals are sharpest (both the lead vocal and backing singers). How do create your songs?

Under mood the musical theme is created, to a theme the text which should transfer mood by words is created, then we prepare a material on rehearsal base and when the song finds the certain form we go to studio for record.

"Novy Den" continues the quick very dynamic tempo. The guitar solo associated me with bands from 80. years…

Music which we listen (especially with which has grown) definitely leaves traces.

"Vechernie Ogni" is the last one bonus-track. The song is different from the whole completely. This is the beauty nostalgic ballad, which one Anzura sings near accompaniment the parties of keys and the gentle guitars and the rhythmical section. Why does Anzura sings only in backing singers (besides of "Vechernie Ogni)? She has very the beautiful voice. Did you hear any bands with female's vocal e.g. recently very known - NIGHTWISH? The female singing brought a lot of advantages in to metal music. The same brought growling once.

NIGHTWISH - excellent group. Beautiful music. Why Anzura sang a little in this album … basically songs of an album are written in a rigid manner - for a man's voice (also texts). The song " Vechernie Ogni " has been written specially for a female voice.

I know that you played a lot of concerts. Can you say something about the shows?

We did greater concerts with attraction of light show. We prepared the program interesting for spectators (certainly greatest possible in our conditions here). Fragments of greater concerts have been transferred on TV (they did shooting reports). We received many good responses in printed editions. Concerts in small halls have been equipped little bit easier. But there is very big plus is a contact to the public - you see as the person reacts to your playing as "breathes" in a step with you. This is inexpressible feeling.

And maybe I spread out the theme of Disco is your solo project. What is it? Do you play disco music in this project?

Disco is solo the project for Anzura. She sings songs in dancing style. After an output of the project - Anzura had many invitations for participation of show on TV and for concerts.

Ok. This information is very ample… Hahaha… What have you got the plans in 2005 year?

We plan to begin record of a material for a new album. I do not know that will turn out yet . We shall look on a course of record.

Why do not you look like true metal fans? You know… The long hair, the leather or jeans clothes... tattoos, nails, hahaha...

When we began with " Plastilinovy JiNN " it was fashionable to look like true metal fans. So looked many Russian crooners. As you speak: the long hair, the leather or jeans clothes...And even nails! We have chosen classical style to show, that is not important like you look - important that you do and like you think.

What do you do on everyday?

As I already told all of us are involved on work for earnings. Money are necessary for payment for studio, purchases of tools … And certainly for a life.

The same is in Poland! Hahaha… And this optimistic accent we finished our conversation. The last words (for metal-funs) belong to you. Spasiba!

We thank all for interest to our music. We wish all more optimism, excellent mood always . And Trust - All will be well! Thanks for support.

jinn@delusion.ru - http://penumbramusic.net/jinn/main

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Pavel aka Gnom
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