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    AMTHRYA publish lyrics video

    Kasumi Onryo, frontgirl of the band AMTHRYA, as known as Abigail Dianaria (OPERA IX vocalist) invites you to see their new lyrics video. In few month they’ll release new album and.

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    Shemonic Metal ANARCHEON posts new video “Etherous Claws” & new EP out now! “Stratusfear”

    Formed in 2015, ANARCHEON features vocalist Kaija Kinney, founder of Metalocalypstick Fest, the BC metal fest celebrating women in metal, along with guitarist Clayton Bach, bassist Sylvain Maltais and drummer Steve “Machine” Richardo (ex-Messiah, ex-Green Jellÿ). With a band name playing off the word Anarchy, ANARCHEON is more of a Frankenstein of their various influences…

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    BILLY BOY IN POISON – interview with the band

    Billy Boy in Poison offers an unique take on death metal with a modern, razor-sharp sound. The sophomore album Invoker is stuffed with aggressive and heavy songwriting. The wide varied vocals of Hjalte Sejr gives the band a blackened edge, which you don’t hear much in the Danish scene. The album is produced by Jacob…

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    THREAT SIGNAL stream new album “Disconnect” in full

    Canadian melodic, progressive thrash metal/melodeath act THREAT SIGNAL release advance stream of their fourth studio album “Disconnect”, which will be officially released tomorrow, November 10th worldwide via Agonia Records. Listen to the album below.

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    CIEN “Fate” new release via Old Temple

    The second album is a musical and lyrical continuation of the glorification of nihilism and misanthropy. Six tracks of cold and gloomy black metal full of melancholic, depressive atmosphere. Sounds which are carving dark tunnels filled with words of disillusionment for the sense of mankind’s existence. No colours of life, no helpful hand reaching out,…

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    THE ANIMA EFFECT – interview with the band

    Progressive Metal is quite abundant these days, with a lot of modern bands opting this particular style to achieve insane melody and punishing aggression. One such band is The Anima Effect. This Progressive Metalcore/Deathcore band is all set to release their album early on this month. Ahead of the release, I was fortunate enough to…

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    FALL HAS COME single & video for ‘Believe’ – out

    Italian alternative rock band Fall Has Come contain many rock elements within their sound and take inspiration from their own personal issues and life experiences. Their lyrics are about the feelings of the human soul: passions, dreams, love, hopes, illusions…! Believe is the first single from their upcoming album, Nowhere.

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    LUNA released “Swallow Me Leaden Sky”

    Luna is back with their new third full-length album. And this return is really crushing! Developing the ideas of instrumental symphonic music based on the combination of funeral doom metal and doom death metal, the musician again creates the soundtrack to a non-existent movie with two monumental tracks about the darkness of the night, the grandeur…

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