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    BILLY BOY IN POISON – interview with thw band

    Billy Boy in Poison offers an unique take on death metal with a modern, razor-sharp sound. The sophomore album Invoker is stuffed with aggressive and heavy songwriting. The wide varied vocals of Hjalte Sejr gives the band a blackened edge, which you don’t hear much in the Danish scene. The album is produced by Jacob…

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    THE ANIMA EFFECT – interview with the band

    Progressive Metal is quite abundant these days, with a lot of modern bands opting this particular style to achieve insane melody and punishing aggression. One such band is The Anima Effect. This Progressive Metalcore/Deathcore band is all set to release their album early on this month. Ahead of the release, I was fortunate enough to…

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    EXHUMED – interview with the band

    EXHUMED’s sixth full-length sees them tread into ambitious new territory with their first concept album: a musical melodrama in thirteen parts based on shocking true events. Death Revenge takes place in the late 1820s in Edinburgh, Scotland and tells the macabre tale of a series of brutal murders where the victims’ cadavers were sold to…

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    ALIGN THE TIDE – interview with the band

    Align the tide was formed back in September of 2015, through the experimentation with a number of different potential members, styles and influences, resulting in the unique nu-metal sound you hear today. From that point on, Align The Tide’s compositions crossed the genres of thrash, groove & melodic metal, each member’s musical background influencing the bands…

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    METHWITCH – interview with the band

    Methwitch is one among the newer Deathcore bands to emerge out of the Underground Scene. Even though the band is new in terms of origin, they claim themselves being different from the newer ones. The brainchild of this Deathcore solo project was kind enough to respond to some of our questions regarding his future project,…

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    ATAVISTIA – interview with the band

    Atavistia is a new Melodic Epic Metal band based out of Vancouver, Canada. Being a Symphonic Metal Junkie myself I easily got attached to Atavistia once I heard his debut album. Yes I did say “His”, Atavistia is a solo project spearheaded by Mattias Sippola who has an everlasting love for Wintersun. Following the musical…



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