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    DAYCARE FOR JEDI – interview

    Daycare For Jedi, a pop-punk quartet from Aarhus, is a band that kicks in the door to the danish rockscene, with their energetic and melodic songs. The band is ready with a new album, “This Is What You Get”, which has been recorded with Chris Kreutzfeldt (Ghost Iris, Scarred by Beaty), and is a modern…

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    UNSEEN FAITH – interview with the band

    Initially the Rock-Metal music was in the service of Dark Forces… In this music (especially in extreme Metal genres) was the Devil Power, the Power of the night, the destructive and blasphemous Force, which suppressed all manifestations of the Good and the Divinity… But from some time on the scene some bands appear on the…

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    [IN MUTE] – interview with Steffi (vocalist)

    Allegedly [IN MUTE] is the most extreme band from Spain, in which a female growls. At present we know that in the Metal world female with growled singing have made themselves (and for their bands) good reputation. Many of these types of female singers have such an aggressive and powerful scream and growling that it…

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    DIRT FORGE – interview with the band

    I have the impression that Sludge Metal and Stoner Metal have been experiencing renaissance for few years, but even if I am wrong, then undeniably this genre of music has now big success. And the evidences are the emergences of new bands and numerous concerts with such bands… Danish DIRT FORGE after about four years…

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    APHYXION – interview with the band

    “When we established the band, we were all just 13 years old (…) Death Metalish sound as the foundation of our music, we definitely have some Core tendencies mixed in (…) We want people to think critically, rather than be followers in a blind world.” – APHYXION



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