WormHoleDeath Records, 2017

Music: Melodic Death Metal


Duration: 52:00 minutes

Country: Greece


I lost my interest in Melodic Death Metal as soon as Swedish Death Metal scene quickly began declining in terms of quality and content. Even though Sweden is not the only country that has a vast majority of Melodic Death Metal bands, Swedish and Finnish scenes were my favourites. There is no decline in the Quantity of bands as we have a lot of new emerging bands out there, yet, we have a steady decline in Quality which, as far as I’m concerned is an issue. By Quality, I would like to justify the stereotypical contents embedded in the original Gothenburg inspired riffs which is pretty unoriginal. That’s where bands began experimenting Folk elements in Melodic Death sound.

The Shadeless Emperor is a Greek band who introduce Folkish element into their angst filled Melodic Death sound. Ideally employing woodwinds to carry out smooth transitions and its melodic counterparts. This is much evident from their 2017 effort, Ashbled Shores. There is a ton of things going into this 52 minute long album starting from the foretold woodwinds. Vocals are done quite right and the rhythmic section is well handled by the duo. The interesting aspect about their sound is the way they introduce melody to the angst filled vocals. Having a variety of options in front of them, band chose the Folk elements. With Piano passages to soothing flute notes, Melody is well handled and the production is pretty solid since nothing is buried under the mix.

When it comes to the rest, the album is pretty much an average Melodic Death metal release with mediocre songs and exceptional execution. Even though the band stays at the Melodic death mixed with Folk border, they have executed the written music really well without spoiling the sound entirely by further experimentation. There is no such “issue” except for the fact that we get a little of their original face in an hour long expedition, which is quite hard to digest. Does this album disappoint me?, Absolutely NO. Is this the best I expected from them?, To be honest, NO. These guys are a bunch of talented musicians which is quite evident from their songwriting. I want them to challenge themselves to write something beautiful and new. I’m sure these guys are capable of doing that and I expect to see that soon.


1. Oaths
2. Ashbled shores
3. Sullen guard
4. Homeland
5. Shades over the empire
6. Duskfall
7. A few rotten words
8. Helios the dark
9. Olethros
10. Too far gone
11. An ember gale


Tasos Bebes: Guitars, Vocals
Chris Mitros : Guitars, Vocals
Artemis Tzafas: Drums
Filippos Sal: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Ethan Tziokas: Vocals, Woodwinds

Rate: 8.5/10

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Sooraj Ram

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