OBJECTOR “Social Intolerance”

Malevolence Records, 2018

Music: Thrash Metal


Duration: 29:36 minutes (8 tracks)

Country: Belgium


Thrash Metal is undoubtedly the most sought-after genre in Metal with the majority of people inclining their musical restrictions to Thrash alone. As far as I’m concerned, Thrash Metal is one among the stereotypical genres with a little, to no experimentation. However I do enjoy Crossover since its a bit Hardcore oriented and, as a Hardcore fan myself its something that I can’t deny. But, that won’t stop me from trying out some fresh Thrash acts. This time around, the Belgian Thrash metal quartet, Objector grabbed my attention. The band itself has a sick logo which kinda reminds of retro thrash acts like Voivod and Testament.

Formed in 2013, Objector is one among those bands who try to revive the OG thrash scene by taking prominent genre Godfathers like Slayer, Kreator and Anthrax as their main influences. After releasing their debut effort in 2013, it was Social Intolerance which was released recently. The album itself is the band’s take on the current status of the world. Bashing intolerances among the community, the album has a sick instrumentation as well. Starting from the Guitars, its well structured and solos are very juicy and takes the song to a whole different level. Personally, I thought the Drums was a bit let down since there was a little room for the summer to try something new as the rest of the instrumentation is well laid within the Old School spectrum. I was expecting more fills and double bass oriented Gravity blasts. But, if only he did that he would’ve damaged the entire instrumentation section. So an ideal move made by the band and the drummer himself.

Taking the album has a whole, Objector pretty much nailed it. Songs like My Mind Insane, Alarm and Social Intorelance are top notch and the rest seems a bit mediocre yet enjoyable. There is not a minute where you’ll feel lost, the track-list keeps you engaged and hooked for half an hour. In short, Objector have truly displayed their take on Thrash Metal and of only it was a bit more experimental or original, They would have smashed this album out of the park. However,I still do find these guys as a potential band and I look forward to anything they put up next.


1. Intro
2. Life Denied
3. My Mind Insane
4. Not Of This World
5. Alarm
6. Social Intolerance
7. Toxic Storm
8. Vengeance (Will Be Mine)


Jos – Drums
Stef – Bass
Filip – Guitars
Bock – Guitars & Vocals

Rate: 8.0/10

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