GREBER “Cemetery Preston”

Self Released, 2018

Music: Hardcore


Duration:  35:00 minutes (9 tracks)

Country: Canada

It is quite evident that Asher and co have the niche for finding best bands at the current scene. Having released a lot of top albums in 2017, the one that captured my interest is the Ontario based Hardcore duo, Greber. Their sound is hard to categorize as the play a creative take on Grindcore. Instead of pummeling blast beats and swift riffs, Greber is more inclined to the Sludge mixed Hardcore or what many people call “Doom-Grind”. Even though the said genre might not exist,  but it pretty much explains their sound. If you are new to these guys, here is their third installment, Cemetary Preston, for you to enjoy.

The album starts with a noisy intro which transits into their “trve” sound. The interesting part about their sound is that, their instrumentation is weighed heavily on the Drums and Bass alone. This might not be a new thing, but in 2018 it is almost surprising to find. The songs carry a noise rock essence which is covered by sludgy riffs and alas the pummeling drum rudiments which pack a punch and awakens their Grind sound. This is much evident from their songs. Even though the tracks are all executed well, but it’s Our Burnt Treasure that stands out for me. The track itself carries a lot of different sections from the catchy bass line to swiftly executed Blast beats, Our Burnt Treasure is easily the best track on this album.

Overall, Cemetery Preston is a great album which lacks some heavy guitar riffs to go with the exceptional drumming and bass. Greber unleashes a fresh take on Grindcore and no doubt, they will be praised in future, for making an album like Cemetry Preston and other albums to follow up. In the end, it seems as if the Duo might not necessarily require a Guitarist since as a pair they make  brutal stuff, but with an additional guitarist, their career will take a huge leap as their songwriting skills is exceptional.


1. Backhanded Interest
2. The Wreckers
3. Prophetic
4. By Any Other Way
5. Overdraft
6. Our Burnt Treasures
7. Grave Plot
8. No One But You
9. The Closer We Got


Steve Vargas – Vocals, Drums,
Marc Bourgon – Vocals, Bass

Rate: 8.5/10

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Sooraj Ram

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