INDORSIA “For The Lions To Feed”

Self Released, 2018

Music: Melodic Metalcore


Duration:  34:00 minutes (9 tracks)

Country: Austria

Metalcore is growing fast and on an average calculation, I come across at least one new record everyday. I love supporting and promoting such bands who try their best to write a record which, not only showcases their talent but also being an integral part of their music career since debut records are always looked first by the listeners.

Indorsia, a new and upcoming Austrian metalcore quartet released their debut record this year. Having being categorised as a Melodic Metalcore band, Indorsia bring new electronic-ish elements to the table by keeping the Metalcore sound refreshing. The sound is evident from their debut effort. Keeping a djenty guitar framework yet playing a melodic style to get a catchy sound. The album itself is heavy and yet experiments a bit with Proggy and atmospheric elements which is reflected on the third track, TwoFace. Even though the song has a little atmospheric elements, the song works well along with it without damaging the entire structure of the song. The said proggy/atmo elements are experienced on the fourth track as well. With a well executed intro, the song smoothly transits with the addition of heavier elements.

There are a lot of elements going into their sound. I love the way how the drums are tuned. Adding something new on the drums with ranges from syncopated grooves to neatly executed fills, as a drummer myself I very much enjoy the tracks and might as well jam to one of the tracks on the album in future. Moreover, the vocals and rest of the instruments doesn’t overpower the sound of drums, which is a good thing since most of the bands these days have a production that sounds as if something is buried under the mix.

That all being said, Indorsia is a potential band who will surely get to the metal underground stardom in future. I would love to see more progressive elements in their sound since the lightly used elements on this album sound spot on and works well their sound. Overall, For the Lions to Feed is a perfect album for their career to kick start. I expect more from these guys and hopefully they will release a new album soon.


Robert Starzer – Vocals
Christoph Prack – Drums & Vocals
Patrick Schwarzbauer – Guitar & Vocals
Michael Polli – Bass


01. Z.I.6
02. You Don’t Know Me
03. Twoface
04. Yesterday Today Was Tomorrow
05. Collect the Pieces
06. A.M.
07. For The Lions To Feed
08. Mindfall
09. Pray.Struggle.Die

Rate: 9.0/10

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Sooraj Ram

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