Self Released, 2018

Music: Deathcore


Duration: 20:00 minutes (4 tracks)

Country: U.S.

American Deathcore scene is huge with vast majority of bands being hidden from plain sight. Such underrated bands are always a hit or miss when it comes to music. You hardly find some bad who throw in a hell lot of hardwork and effort in writing something exceptional or something worth appreciating. The main reason behind such abhorrent attitude is obviously due to the popularity of Deathcore. Any band with a controversial title or artwork get some recognition, regardless their sound. Being a Deathcore fanatic myself, I try to keep myself updated on the evolution of this genre consequently keeping myself on a hunt for newer bands

Emerge a tyrant, a relatively new American Deathcore badbased out of Baltimore released their second EP, Azrael this year. Having a run time of 20 minutes and a total of 4 tracks, this EP is heavily weighted on the Technical side of Deathcore with a lot of guitar licks and breakdowns. Luckily enough this album is not wanky(I mean, there are some parts but mostly the band try to keep a straightforward route without much wanky licks). Of course, you get a lot of brutal breakdowns and fast paced riffs-Azrael is one such album whuch compels tje listener to take one more sitting. Given the short length of album, I highly appreciate what the guys did.

The third track, The Soul Cauldron being my favourite track, this track in particular show what these guys are capable. Having everything from Technical (wanky at times) gutar licks to heavy Breakdowns, this track is an epitome on how Emerge a Tyrant sound. Basically Emerge a Tyrant in nutshell.

Overall, Azrael is a decent effort from this highly talented Deathcore outfit. There is nothing much to bash on, except for the shorter length and a way too polished production taking away the natural sound. However the said problems doesn’t affect the overall quality of the album. Azrael is an album that I would listen to whenever I need some Deathcore(Soul Cauldron is definitely on my playlist). I highly recommend this band and this particular album.



Ryan Voelkel – Vocals
Joe Mullin – Guitar
Ben Towles – Guitar/Backup Vocals
John “Kirk” Almeida – Drums
Tim “Toothhead” Lodge – Bass


1. Succubine Atrophy (Lust)
2. Azrael’s Gate (Dis)
3. The Soul Cauldron (Violence)
4. Ba’l of Flies (Envy)

Rate: 8.0/10

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