EARTHERIA “Awaken The Sun”

Self Released, 2018

Music: Melodic Death Metal


Duration: 33:00 minutes (5 tracks)

Country: Finland

I have said it before and will say it again, Melodic Death Metal is one among the most stereotypically ridden genre in Metal. Moreover, I was not a fan of Swedish Death Metal movement since there are only a hand few of albums written by a hand few of artists that I like(Entombed, Dismember, Excruciate and God Macabre). There was a time when a new Death metal movement kickstarted in Finland. The difference between Swedish Death Metal and Finnish Death Metal is that Finnish bands tried a bunch of different things like complex time signatures and other technical musical elevations instead of writing a big bunch riffs and riffs alone, like Swedish Death Metal band.

Unfortunately Finnish Death metal scene vanished quickly with majority of bands switching genres. Some of the prominent Finnish Death Metal acts were Demilich, Convulse, Demigod and Funebre. Being a huge fan of the movement, I avidly searched for newer Finnish Death Metal bands. My search got me into Eartheria. A Melodic/Progressive/Technical Death Metal band hailing all the way from Finland. I couldn’t hold my excitement for finding other whether this band keep the Finnish Death Metal scene alive or not.

Awaken The Sun, Eartheria’s sophomore effort really surprised me, in a good sense. Just as the album starts I get a lot of things including an atmospheric hue like the older FinnDeath bands kept. After a good enough opening track, Brought before the emperor single handedly make this album a banger. This 6 minute track is definitely one among the best tracks on this album. Melodic at times and unrelentingly brutal at times, this track has everything. Just what I expected from them. I really have to appreciate the amount of work Mikko has done on the drums. As a drummer myself, I really need to look more into his techniques and grooves. Definitely an underrated drummer who really deserve a lot of recognition for the work he does.

Escapist is a track which, in my opinion sounds a lot closer to the revolutionary FinnDeath bands. The reason being the structure of the track. Like said before, FinnDeath bands often experimented with time signatures. Well, Escapist does have some puzzling transitions and alot of experimentation. If Brought before the emperor is the second best track, Escapist is probably my favorite song from this album.

Kudos to Eartheria for releasing a magnificent album that not only is a certified banger, but also brought my interest in Finnish Death Metal scene. I will definitely keep an eye out for their upcoming releases and hopefully it will be just as good as this album.


Juha-Pekka Leino – Guitar, Vocals
Lauri Unkila – Guitar
Janne Rosholm – Bass
Mikko Ojakoski – Drums


1. A Wake (In The Sun)
2. Brought Before The Emperor
3. Myriad
4. Escapist
5. Nihil

Rate: 10/10

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