BLACK PATH “Final Act: Martyr”

Self released, 2017

Music: Death Metal


Duration: 45 minutes(11 tracks)

Country: Greece

Death Metal, in general, is pretty vast and diverse with a lot of bands trying something new to make name for themselves. However, we get to see a lot of newer acts taking the progressive/technical route to fetch success. Technical death metal is pretty wanked these says with a handful of bands trying the Gorguts-era death metal. Fortunately, I get to find some listenable wanky death metal bands that are good enough for a single listen. With 2017 offering a lot of releases, both good and bad ones-there are a shit ton of albums that were missed. One among them is the proggy Deathcore/Death metal outfit Black Path’s 2017 studio effort, Final Act: Martyr.

I often consider Hellenic Metal bands as the most underrated ones. Not only they are a bit remote, there is a little room for them to get an exposure. That is why I asked Black Path for a review opportunity. The folks were happy to get their album reviewed and, here we are! In order to avoid a TLDR kinda review, my plan was to write a crisp review so that people could get into these guys. Final Act: Martyr is a must listen if you want to get a clear cut idea on how modern age death metal sounds. The album itself is full of surprises and thick guitar riffs all laid off with a perfect production, thereby ensuring that the album doesn’t have any major flaws.

However, if only the band took their skills on making an original sound, I would have placed this album among the best of 2017. But at the same time, Black Path make sure that you get a good journey while listening to the album as a whole. The proggy parts pack a melodic punch whereas the Deathcore-esque breakdown moments are guaranteed banger. To wrap everything in one sentence, Black Path has surely made a foundation for themselves with this album. Their next task is to make something special on their next effort. I can’t wait till these guys drop the next album. Definitely worth listening to the album, and I recommend the album for all those Death Metal fanatics out there. Stay on the Path!


2.My Exile
3.Blackened Requiem
4.The God Who Lied
5.Your Demise
6.Frontline of Dusk
8.Definitely Obsessed
9.The Spine Melody
11.March of Silence


Kostas Mexis – Vocals
John “Reaper” Kaneris – Guitars
Odysseas Kalogeropoulos – Guitars
Bill Kanellopoulos – Drums
Mike Darlis – Bass (live)

Rate: 8.5/10

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Sooraj Ram

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