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Arcaeon is one among the newer bands that play a formulated boend of metalcore and progressive metal with some touch of other genres as well. Their sound is mutating and interesting to listen. So are the guys from Arcaeon. Here is what they have to say about their journey.

Why “Arcaeon”?

Sam: We went through so many names, “dysaxis” being one of them, that we thought sounded a little too abrasive so we used it for the heavier title on the EP! I wanted to go for a word that didnt allready exist, and that would stand out. An arc is like an electric feedback irregularity, and an aeon is like a god or deity, and I thought those two words went really nicely together and it stuck.

Would you like to share the recording process of your new album?

Sam: I worked on all the songs first drafts and made them as best as I could on my own, rhys would come round occasionally to track some of the harmonies and leads. After I got to a point where I was either stuck or had finished the song, I would take what I have to rhys and he adds all the finishing touches, electronic layers and arrangement tweaks for what is the final demo. Once we finished the 5 tracks we spent a couple of months tightening everything up as a band and individually. Over this time william and I worked closely together on the vocals, particulary the harmonies. Once we were happy and confident enough we took the songs to Meyrick at Floodgate audio in London, Joe smashed the drums in two days for the entire record, and the rest of the tracking took around 4 weeks (we came back to add extra vocals, fix bits we werent happy with, and I retracked the clean and ebowed guitars at home)There was a great sense of attention to detail from all aspects, and it felt like every section was treated in its own specific way, I actually lived on meyricks sofa for 2 weeks and totally immersed myself in the experience, it was a really intense experience.

Would you rather prefer writing a Solo, or a Breakdown?

Rhys: Definitely a breakdown. There’s just something about writing a crushingly heavy yet simplistic riff that blows solo writing out of the park. I always have much more fun creating abrasive sounds and rhythms than writing leads

What’s the hardest to be new to the game?

Rhys: Getting your name out there for sure. Getting people to listen to your music and come to shows without pestering and spamming. I guess just building up a fan base that doesn’t consist of your mother and the people you regularly see is the hardest

Do you see an advantage of being independent rather than being on a big record label?

Will: Well even though it’s a little more effort and perhaps less promotional it means you can see all transactions your music is making which means it’s easier to budget for future material too!

What do genre distinction mean to you? Do you think Genres should be Subjective?

Will: I think genres are whatever the listener calls them really, we’ve been called a range of styles, some of which we may not really see ourselves such as djent. But then that depends on what band’s a listener may also listen to and compare us to. It’s all down to the techniques and composition of the songs.

What are your other professions and does that effect your music?

Eif: In the band we have a range of professions. Two engineers, two retail workers and I’m pretty sure Jow is a drifter traveling from town to town drumming on a tortoise shell to entertain the townsfolk just earn some cash. For me I’d say it affects how I approach music rather what I play, that being I have a more methodical than emotional direction which lends itself to tech metal well I’d say.

What are some fun facts about Arcaeon that fans wouldn’t expect?

Eif: A funny story of ours is after one of our first gigs I found an Elvis mask in a Wetherspoons toilets and proceeded to wear it around the city of Manchester during the middle of the day. Most people acted as if it were perfectly normal leading me to question every day life in Manchester. Also, there is a 13 year age gap between our youngest and oldest member. I’m the immature one (as the previous story shows).

Favourite thing about being in band?

Joe: Apart from playing the music, seeing comment’s from different countries of people enjoying our music is always a great feeling. Also being able to travel around the world playing music is definitely a motivator for myself being in a band and I hope Arcaeon will be able to do that in the near future!

Who would you personally like to sit down and interview yourself?

Sam: My secondary school headteacher, when I was in my latter years at school I had allready been pretty much obsessed with guitar playing and music for most of my school life.(this isnt a message telling people not to work hard at school,do your best!) I got told by my headteacher, sat down in a room on my own that I needed to “stop this whole nonsensical music thing, its all part of growing up” many years later and that hasnt happened. I would love for nothing more to be able to sit with her in a room one to one and tell her about all the things I have done since she said that, and ask her at the end if when she was a teenager she wanted to be a headteacher. Never let anyone mess with what makes you happy, especially if its something creative.

What do you want to achieve as a band?

Joe: Ultimately, for me, it would be to make an album that defines an era or genre of music. Something people will look back on in a century and give the name ‘Arcaeon’ as the pioneers of that certain musical branch. Obviously not very easy, but you need to aim high!

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