IRDORATH “Denial of Creation”

WormholeDeath Records, 2017

Music: Black/Thrash Metal


Duration: 50:00 minutes (9 tracks)

Country: Austria



Shortly after getting into Wormhole Death Records, I started realising their niche of finding best underground bands. The thing is, they find original and fresh bands instead of radio friendly ones. For instance, Helvestromb. The band has a fresh crushing sound, but won’t please the masses. In addition to Helvestromb, we have Irdorath. As weird as the name is, the band has a weird sound that not only is heavy but also sounds a bit melodic.

Irdorath’s latest offering, Denial of Creation is flaunts 9 tracks that will provoke the “trve” Black Metal fanatics. Denial of Creation is not your average black metal record. It’s not lo-fi, but surprisingly crushing and raw. The reason why I get a melodic vibe is because of their experimentation with Thrash metal and other styles. Originally a Black/Thrash band, Irdorath is borderline thrash with a lot of thrash metal effluents. Sacred Deception is where I started getting deep into their music. Sound is dissonat and one can identify every single note. Skipping the fourth track, Purification is yet another good track that probably has the best song structure on this album. The heaviest track is the one that follows it, yet, the album quickly ceases with a perfect melodic track like the title track. The acoustic passages are well crafted and fit into their sound very well.

Overall, Denial of Creation is a good album that has more positives compared to the lesser amount of negatives. That being said, it is worth spending 50 minutes listening the album. The tracks will surely hold your mind for a while until the album ends.



1.Devoured by Greed
2.Trail of Redemption
3.Sacred Deception
4.The Curse that Haunts the Earth
6.Covenant of the Unbounded
7.Blessings from Above
8.In the Name of Decay
9.Denial of Creation


Markus – Guitar, Vocals
Craig – Guitar
Mario – Bass
Thomas – Drums

Rate: 8.0/10

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