Self-released, 2017

Music: Alternative Rock / Modern Rock / Modern Metal
Duration: 46:00 minutes (11 tracks)
Country: Italy


Coming from the western part of Italy – Liguria, and concretly from its capital, Genoa – an incredibly picturesque place, the music group FUMONERO invites us to listen to their second album “Dentro”… And this I am doing…

Professionally released digickpack with the booklet presenting the lyrics of the band and interesting graphics that definitely deserves on a special attention. There is an amazing number of producers, I did not count, but as I read somewhere, there were about fifty of them. The album contains the ten tracks divided into five parts, each of them has own title. And finally as the eleventh song we will hear the cover-song of the band SUBSONICA, performed by this Italian band. The male five-member line-up of the band creates an incredible musical atmosphere. But there is the one originator of this album.

Listening to the songs, the basic statement is that they are filled with a good ideas, inspirations of artists and a variety of combinations of sounds and instruments, which makes the songs are even more valuable and expressive.

The mood of the songs becomes a part of the listener, it fills him, penetrates him, it leads to such feelings where the chase of thoughts makes incredible excitement. From the song to the song you have a sense of silence before the storm, which after a moment interrupted by the next sounds to the next song brings you to fascination, emotions that are difficult to describe, you have to listen to understand.

The vocals are varied, from the singing and shouting to a heavier typical for Metal music. They brings both peace, nervousness, delight, agitation. It’s a pure variation in a good word of the sense.

Musically they can not be pigeonholed into one genre, they play the combination of Rock with Grunge and with Metal inserts as well as the whole contains electronic motifs. Their works are mature that consist a combination of good things of various musical genres, with the modern approach that will satisfy many recipients.

They play melodic, ballad, calm, energetic, with many sharp and heavy riffs and electronic sounds, which all together create masterpiece, because it deserves such a definition. The combination of musical harmony, melancholy and energetic, sharp sounds adds freshness to the songs without limiting them in any way. The feelings created by the songs breake the barriers, penetrate into our interior and make change that will emerge into us and it is a hope for such bands as FUMONERO, so that they can continue to create and surprise their fans.

For those interested, and I think that I will find many people. I can recall for comparison that you can find on the album, among others, the guitar rhythmic elements of RAMMSTEIN, the vocal similarities to ALICE COOPER, or the atmosphere of the old Polish band SHOUT.

The proposal of the FUMONERO band, which I am reviewing, it is a step forward, it’s a breakthrough, it’s a transformation, a metamorphosis that you need to experience. But you can only get this experience by listening to the album “Dentro”. So you do it…



01. Marzo
02. 7 ragioni per non credere

03. Carnivale
04. Cella 52
05. Piove

06. Somebody to love
07. Quello che ho

08. Ruggine

09. Cos’ vero
10. Notti ruvide

11 Tutti i miei sbagli (SUBSONICA cover)

Simone „Seth” Borsellini – vocals
Alessio Pucciano – guitars and backing vocals
Patrick Suffia – guitars
Mirko Fallabrino – bass
Marco Pendola – drums

Rate: 10/10

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  • Apricity European Tour 2018

    Tour line up: Atra Vetosus (Australia), Perennial Isolation (Spain), Drawn Into Descent (Belgium) and Nocturnal Depression (France) “Special Guest”.


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