EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE “Intensely Distressed and on the Verge of Mental Collapse”


Self-released, 2017

Music: Progressive Metalcore
Duration: 42:01 minutes (11 tracks)
Country: Denmark


2017 is almost over and I have more albums to keep y’all entertained. Everything is Terrible, a fresh Metalcore band based out of Denmark released an album that made me revisit some of my favourite Progressive Metalcore releases this year. Intensely Distressed and on the Verge of Mental Collapse (that was a long name) consists of 11 tracks of fairly shorter names and stronger sound. Unlike writing an album full of Djenty guitar works, Everything Is Terrible brings back the old style of Progressive Metal into play with a lot of fresh elements including the ones that it widely used. The album is not just djent and breakdowns, some of the short-lived solos are perfectly executed and it traces the Instrumentation well without any major flaws. The vocals well matches the Instrumentation and the lung collapsing screams keeps the adrenaline pumped and just when the breakdown hits, it’s nothing but goosebumps. Even though it’s a mere Djenty tempo change, the way the song builds up for it is truly exceptional and noteworthy. The title track “Intensely Distressed (….) Collapse” utilises the 6 whole minutes without boring the listeners, most probably my favorite track on this album.

There’s something with this band that reminds me of August Burns Red, except for the melodic interludes. As far as I’m concerned August Burns Red also played a different style of Melodic Metalcore with completely different rhythms and time signatures. I feel the same with Everything Is Terrible. Apart from that, I sense strong Vidhjarta and Tesseract vibes.

To keep this write-up short, the album is an excellent piece of art that grows within one with every single listen. If you are lazy to check their whole album out just skim through the title track(probably one among my favourite songs this year) , I’m sure that you’ll listen the whole album after that. One among my favourite Progressive Metalcore releases this year and undoubtedly a adventurous journey, I hope the band keep up the same quality on the upcoming albums as well.



2.Anodynic State
3.Forced consent
5.Into Discomposure
6.Paper Coffin
7.Directionless Flesh
9.Intensely Distressed and on the Verge of Mental Collapse


Adam Hansen – Drums
Cornelius Qvist – Vocals/Guitars
Dennis Steen-Jensen – Bass
Lui Broch Larsen – Guitars

Rate: 9/10

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