DECATUR “Badder Than Brooklyn”

Self Released, 2017

Music: Thrash/Groove Metal

Duration: 36:27 minutes (10 tracks)


Country: Canada

Decatur is a multi dimensional metal band who take inspiration and influences from an array of styles/genres including but not restricted to Blues, Rock and Pop. Primarily categorised as Thrash/Death Metal band, Decatur released their debut album “Badder Than Brooklyn” this month. Whats fascinating about this album?! Let’s just start off by saying that it was produced by the Great Joe Duplantier of Gojira. That’s just enough for me to get excited. Considering the fact that Joe saw a future in this band might get the excitement to a whole new level. Named after their own street of Dreams in New York, where they recorded this album the band’s Vocalist stated that “We honestly feel like Metal has lost its way a bit and and we were set on writing something original and not following the trends of today …… Our Goal was to produce something from the soul not from the computer”.

Opening track Internal War starts off with a blistering intro which probably will get the adrenaline pumped for a lot of listeners. Occasional solos make this track a Harmonic yet Brutal intro track. Into the Night is all about power shredding and catchy vocal style. But it’s the third track, Vegas Girl that evokes the aforementioned Multi dimensional approach kicks in. With a Rock-esque Guitar structure and a perfectly executed drumming which keeps the track on a loop without any flaws. After some mediocre yet memorable tracks such as Bottled Inside and Tear You, Abaddon being the 8th track is a definite highlight. However the foretold tracks won’t even come close to the closing track. Internal War Pt.2 is a masterpiece and undoubtedly the best track on this album. For some reason it reminded me of Flying Whales and The Art of Dying, both of them being some classy Gojira tracks. The Instrumentation is perfect and the song itself is multi-layered with a lot going into it. Overall a perfect track to close a nearly perfect album.

Badder Than Brooklyn is a formidable effort by these talented newcomers. Considering​ the fact that this is their debut album, I most certainly think that they have nailed it. With memorable and we’ll crafted songwriting, if these guys keep up their work I see a bright future ahead if them. Undoubtedly an album that I will recommend for all Thrash/Groove Metal enthusiasts. That being said I hope they will come back even stronger in their sophomore effort for which I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.


1. Internal War
2. Into the Night
3. Vegas Girl
4. Worst Enemy
5. Badder Than Brooklyn
6. Bottled Inside
7. Tear You
8. Abaddon
9. Shatterproof
10. Internal War Pt. 2


Jay “Beard” Sarrazin – Vocals / Guitar
Tiny Basstank – Bass
Steve “The Animal” Mitchell – Drums

Rate: 9/10

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