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Danish death metal cult band INIQUITY re-releases their classic 1996 debut album “Serenadium” on CD and LP and plays final show in Copenhagen

Danish death metal cult band INIQUITY re-release their classic 1996 debut album “Serenadium” on CD and LP and plays final show in Copenhagen.

INIQUITY is one of the first death metal bands to emerge from Denmark. Established in 1989, the band were pioneers in the genre and made quite an impact with their albums world wide. The debut album “Serenadium” from 1996 is by many death metal fanatics considered a classic album. The story of Iniquity is known to have been very chaotic with many line-up changes, drug and alcohol abuse, bad luck, bad decisions, and in 2011, founding member Brian Petrowsky died, just 37 years old. Besides “Serenadium”, the band released “The Hidden Lore” MCD in 1998, “Five Across The Eyes” in 1999 and finally “Grime” in 2001. After many years of silence, the band came back from the grave in 2013 to perform a few shows with The Hidden Lore line-up. In connection with the 20 year re-release of “Serenadium” the band will perform their last ever gig in Copenhagen on the 10th of November 2017 with special guests.

“Finally it’s here… Both fans and the band has been waiting for this for 20 years. Our debut album ‘Serenadium’ from 1996 is coming out on vinyl through our old trusty label Mighty Music who’ve released all previous iniquity releases as well! Needless to say we are very excited by this and despite us actually laying the band to rest in 2016 we will of course be back to play a few shows in connection with this – as a final salute to the band and to the people who’ve helped build this monster. We hope this release will please the fans – old and new – maybe even make a few youngster turn their heads! ‘Serenadium of the deathless, you will slowly transpire…’ and so will we..” Martin Rosendahl, INIQUITY

“This was the first ever album I released. I was 19 years old when I signed Iniquity, knew close to nothing about the music business, and used most of my savings to fund everything around this album. It was released it on my old label Emanzipation Productions back in 1996 and made quite a stir in the international death metal scene. I of course have a lot of memories about “Serenadium”, mostly good but also quite a few bad once, since it was a very turbulent time in the band. But you can’t take away the fact that is a classic death metal in all aspects and it feels like a big relief for me finally to release it on vinyl and finish the Iniquity chapter. ” Michael H. Andersen, Mighty Music.

INIQUITY “Serenadium” will be re-released on LP and CD including the “The Hidden Lore” EP from 1998 as bonus. All songs re-mastered at Medley Studio (Artillery, Electric Guitars etc.).

Iniquity line-up 2017:
Martin Rosendahl – Vocals & Bass
Brian Eriksen – Guitars
Jesper Frost Jensen – Drums

INIQUITY – “Serenadium” re-release on CD and LP 10th of November 2017
Pre-order here:

Official Facebook event for the farewell concert: (buy tickets at

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