BUY JUPITER “Crossworlds”

Self Released, 2017

Music: Progressive Metalcore

Duration: 31:00 minutes (5 tracks)


Country: France


Within the long and growing chain of Metalcore, my favourite sub genre is Progressive Metalcore for multiple reasons. First of all the structure and the stylistic approach itself is quite appealing. Secondly, the rich ambience it offer. This year has been a rather dull year for the genre with just a handful of good releases. One among them being the a tough contender for Album of the Year, Sister Moon by Lost In Seperation. Since I consider it unfair to judge the best album without getting much from the community. Hence I began my search for newer Prog Metalcore releases. One among the hidden gems that I discovered is Buy Jupiter. A band named after a Space/Adventure short story Buy Jupiter, their sophomore effort Crossworlds released this year might as well take their career to new levels. The best way to explain their sound is as Meshuggah collaborated with Between The Burried & Me and Architects. Sounds interesting, isn’t?! Then their album is most certainly going to keep your playlist busy.

Crossworlds is a Five Song EP where one is exposed to both heavier and softer side of music. The album is basically predominant on the Progressive aspect leaving the Metalcore sound on the background so as to keep the Instrumentation and vocals tidy. The opening track, Drift is Melodic and the Progressive sound is highlighted well with occasional short lived Melodic Instrumental passages. The fascinating hue about songwriting is the balance between the heavier sound of Metalcore and harmonic sound of Progressive Metal. Tempo changes are executed well and the breakdowns are heavier as always. The second track, Uprising lingers around the Metalcore as the sound is more or less breakdown centric with a little harmonic passages. The important element in Prog Metalcore is actually ambience. People often fall for the mesmerizing atmospheric sound. The third track Monolith seems as if the band suddenly change their sound to Spacey Post/Progressive Metal, henceforth keeping the foretold balance on check. The fourth track, New Era is my favourite song on this album. Right from the beginning note the song keeps it’s pace without falling apart on the tight transitions. This eight minute track represents the band as a whole. Four songs down and yet the album stands strong. Collide is yet another masterpiece which not only end the album but keeps the listeners hooked for their next release.

In short, Crossworlds is well constructed masterpiece wisely written by these French musicians. I picture this album on every Prog Snob’s shelves along with Tool and Between Buried And Me. If you haven’t checked this album out, now is the time. While you are at it check their debut album Departure, which in my opinion is yet another stellar effort by these young guns. Keep your peeled for their upcoming releases.


1. Drift
2. Uprising
3. Monolith
4. New Era
5. Collide


Pi – Vocals
Manus – Guitars
Martin – Bass
Lucas – Drums
Vinz – Guitars

Rate: 10/10

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Sooraj Ram

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