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Mylee’s Dying Wish is a Blackened Melodic Death Metal or Deathcore band hailing from Columbus. The band is different in lot of aspects such as Lyricism which is not all about Gore like the Modern Wave of Deathcore and their sound itself is a blend of various styles including, but not limited to Melodic Death Metal, Blackened Death Metal, Deathcore. On ahead of their 2018 release I got to chat with the brainchild and the Vocalist Brenden Alexander where he revealed the album details.

Mylee’s Dying Wish has been around for quite a while. Would you like to explain the story behind the formation and why the name Mylee’s Dying Wish?

Before the disbandment of this one band “Valley of the Covenant”, I knew that everyone in that band weren’t getting along. So I decided leave the band two days before the formation of Mylee’s Dying Wish, I ask my friends what my next project would be? My ex gave me the name idea! So the band is literally name after my ex. Some people laugh about that cause I name the new project after her! But so far, the band progress went pretty well throughout the years since March 8th, 2014.

Your last album Genesis Fallen Chapter was released early on this year. Would you like to share the responses that you have been getting for it and Explain the Recording process?

A lot of my friends were excited and happy for my success of my independent releases of two demo’s and after “Beauty Of Transformation” Demo, I decided that I was ready to record Mylee’s Dying Wish first ap professionally with Brian Bones, the former guitarist of Armada Reign. We’re on the same level as we work on all 7 songs. Making sure that the songs were right and what parts are acceptable! Sometime it could be hell and a pain in the ass to come up with some cool ideas with the tracks. Mostly all the songs that we recorded are literally made up on the spot cause hey! I’m weird! I just go with the flow you know? It was really fun working in the studio. When the first ep that was released on 04/20/2017 while I was out in Portland, Oregon. After the release, the ep was a huge hit on VK! Reaching over 3,200 total views mainly came from Russia. Not just that. CoreRadio, MelodicMetal, and Instagram was the main social media sites that the first ep was a major success in 2017. It was amazing that the first ep was a big hit in Russian social media.

Is there any underlying theme to your lyrics?

The theme for the lyrics were something! I decided to adapt and admired the Bible a bit and decided turn it around and use that into a unique element to inspired me to write more dark biblical lyrics with blasphemous feel to it! Dani Filth is a great influence for me in writing the lyrical materials cause the way he write his lyrics is like a beautiful dark poem that link up to you and admire the dark nature of it! Like no joke! I rather write something that has meaning to it with more raw emotional stories to it then catchy lyrics. Not really my style but hey, one artist work to another artist work that you’re being creative with your imagination.

Would you rather prefer writing a Solo, or a Breakdown?

Of course this has to come to mind! A lot of people do say that they hear the breakdown parts in the songs but it’s really catchy. Solo’s and licks give the song more characteristic to spice the theme of it up! Gotta be fucking wild and get hyped that really get you going in the pit. I would say I can’t choose one over another cause I prefer both.

Do you have any other passions besides Music?

I love to socialize with a lot of random people cause I prefer to interact and have something in common with that individual. You could say I’m that type of friend that you would love to have cause I’m well manor and polite towards others. Beside music, I love to work on my own comics just for shits and giggles cause I love writing, reading, and drawing! Other then that, play videogames, listen to music, and hanging out with your friends that literally mean a world to ya!

What is your opinion on the Current Deathcore Scene? Any noteworthy Deathcore bands that you would love to collaborate or tour with?

That’s a tricky one to say. To do your best not to insult nor pissing everyone off! Today’s deathcore scene is literally shit due to a lot of over plays and coping off ideas that a lot of new and old bands are starting to sound the same to stay up to date in the core world. Enough with the shit talking! They’re a lot of good bands out there that has that nice mellow or aggressive elements that catches my attention. If I wanna collaborate or do tour with bands? These are the band’s that I would love to work along with or on stage down our future road. The Willow, Aeons of Corruption, Sirens, She Must Burn, Vice & Vessels, Avowed, Die/May, MEA, Anaal Nathrakh, Dawn Of Ashes, A Night In Texas, Cattle Decapitation, and The Black Dahlia Murder.

You have been teasing new album which I guess is scheduled for 2018. Would you like to go through the entire Album and it’s details?

Why yes of course! Mylee’s Dying Wish is scheduled to record second ep entitled “Darkest Icon Ov Heaven” which it’ll follow up after the first ep. Which the newer release would have more elements in the guitar playing standard as the fact that the tuning might change for the second ep. And we got a guitarist that many will know who that’ll be in this one band that some people will get their dicks wet over. Buuuuuutttt! I rather keep that as a hell of a surprise for the core world. Who would it be? Who knows! This will be a fun easter egg for all of you! The second album will have more beautiful dark melodic elements that’ll have that would be similar to the first ep but this time, the album will have a lot of mature writing to the concept to catch more viewers attention and looking forward too for next year!

Speaking of new album, I have always been a fan of your album artwork. Care to share the story behind the artwork of Genesis Fallen Chapter and the Artwork for your upcoming album, If you have designed it already?

Ahh yes! The concept of the album artwork! Genesis Fallen Chapter is a chaotic album that I worked on. I described to Korey Smith about the idea for the first ep and sketch out the rough draft of it. Korey made that shit happen and the way it turn out, came out amazing! With the two moons with beautiful nebula’s in the sky with a storm in the back as it has a Castle siting on top of the forest island surrounded by ocean with a mage holding a book above the fire as it started to glow brightly! Now onward to the second ep cover! Which I hope everyone is excited for would be amazing! Done by a very creative artist from Indonesia goes by Ali! The theme for “Darkest Icon Ov Heaven” turned out beautiful! The way Ali did it was a dead spot on! The spell seal as the background with our mascot on her knee, praying with an upside down cross above a book where the black oozing over the book with candle by her side with smoke surrounding around her.

What is your biggest accomplishment as a band?

We accomplish a lot with our releases cause of the style we do. Bringing that old MySpace feel back into the scene again! Hopefully down our future road we hope to achieve more.

Before we wrap up, Would you like to share something with our readers?

I got a couple things to say to the readers! A lot of people can be total dickheads and say some stupid dumb shit about you. But always remember this. You’re a metalhead and if you enjoy metal, then you enjoy metal! Just be you and never change you for anyone else! Be you and enjoy life! Don’t follow the same boring path. Just be you that has a crazy wild imagination that you could put effort into to make it as a reality! That’s all I could say. Peace everyone and Kush Kush Away!!!

~Brenden Alexander

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