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LAMASTU will release “Death To All”

“Death To All” implies a change in the perspective of the group, when trying to nourish the crudeness of “Witchcult” with new elements, taking the music to a more emotional scope. If the first delivery arose from suffering, the second is linked to sadness.

At the musical level are introduced new elements that pose a compositional challenge as we deviate slightly from the elemental purity of Witchcult, and at the lyric level and melodies has also been a step forward. There has been a much closer collaboration between the three members to carry out the work, and responsibility has been shared between the parties.

“Death To All” brings eight new songs that pretend to be a journey through different sensations related to death, From a battlefield to a ritual burial, the lyrics enter into the emotions generated by the loss of loved ones, or hatred of the enemies.

From the evocative introduction to the rage of the final theme, the listener can immerse himself in the different passages of the album.

The idea behind Lamastu continues to be, and thus will continue, the expression of the individuality of its components, with complete freedom to go in the directions that are considered necessary, and through the musical passages that allow such expression.

Album: Death to All
Country: Spain
Style: Black metal
Label: Heathen Tribes
Release date: September – October 2017 (no specific release date yet)

Album preview:

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