INVOKER “Four Wall Nightmare”

Independent, 2017

Music: Melodic Metalcore / Hardcore
Duration: 33 minutes (10 tracks)
Country: Switzerland

Melodic Hardcore/Metalcore is a genre that quickly expands in one’s mind. Insanely catchy and melodious, it doesn’t take a lot of time for it to grew. For Instance I started my Melodic Metalcore expedition with Parkway Drive a year back, here I am expanding my boundaries much further. This long term search always give me a lot of new surprises. Invoker is a newer addition to my list. Basically a Melodic Hardcore band based out of Switzerland, I generalise them as a Melodic Metalcore as their stylistic origin centres around Metalcore rather than the Punky-Melodic Hardcore sound. Four Wall Nightmare is their debut Full length album which was released in the year 2017. I had high hopes for this one, Let us find out whether it worthy for waiting or not.

The album consists of 10 blissful tracks backed with insane melodies and aggressive vocals. The way these Swiss musician wrote this record is really fascinating and captivating. Starting off with a harmonic intro track, the album progresses rapidly. With some songs expressing the emotions of the Vocalist whereas some of the tracks are done melancholic. This reflects their capability of showcasing both heavier and softer aspects of music. Earth Shattering breakdowns to Lung Collapsing Deliverance I was left with an unexpected surprise with this album. Being a Metalcore Addict, this album is certainly one among the best ones to knock the door for me. With influences ranging from The Ghost Inside to Poison the Well, Invoker tries to be as original as they could as the track Idyll is completely different from the foretold songs with some mesmerizing keys with added Spoken words, Courtesy:Andrew Solomon. The song is actually an Interlude but the originality lies within the utilisation of this track amidst an Emotionally Challenging Album, which adds an extra hue for this Characteristic. All of a sudden the album ceases with more songs that will surely make you engaged for a while.

Four Walls Of Nightmare is not just an Album, It is a result of an Hardworking effort put up by these young Swiss musicians so as to write their best album. Even though I am yet to explore their previous works but it is safe to say that this album is definitely their best work as this album is not an easy to beat. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this album and might as well listen to it till these guys put up their next one. I highly recommend this album to all as the band itself requires more attention for the music they make. Happy Listening!




01. Slave
02. Waste
03. Lost
04. Alone
05. Glass
06. Haunt Me
07. Deathwish
08. Idyll
09. Asleep
10. Awake

Rate: 9/1

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Sooraj Ram

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