Independent, 2017

Music: Deathcore, Metalcore
Duration: 28:00 minutes (7 tracks)
Country: USA

2017 has been a Great Year for Deathcore. With huge amount of highly anticipated releases being subsided before, the year continues to stay strong with more albums to be announced. Upon closer inspection, It is the Newer Deathcore bands that owned this year. Cranely Gardens is one such Deathcore band who single handedly took Deathcore by storm with their sophomore effort, House of Decay. With the members having such an eclectic range of influences the band keeps an original sound while remaining plenty heavy. Their sound is somewhat similar to a generic Deathcore band instead adding a small spoon of Hard Rock essence onto their music. That being said, here is what happens if one tries to incorporate hues of Hard Rock to Deathcore…..

The Album starts off with a mysterious audio-clip kinda intro. After that, Boom!! You get a fast and heavy History of a  Drowning Boy. Probably the best way to get your listeners hooked to their music. The Vocals are pretty neat and the Chuggy yet brutal guitar passages compliments the firm drumming at the background. The breakdowns will hit you right on your face and leave you drowned in the extreme brutality behind the ideal instrumentation. Interesting part about their stylistic background is that they try to merge the elements of Metalcore and Deathcore with a tinge of Hard Rock essence to give a bit groovy touch, which is not that commonly found among the typical Deathcore bands. That is why I think these folks have extreme talent. Cranely Gardens unleash hell when they collaborate with the infamous Dan Watson to record and play the song, Savages. The song itself has a wide range of mixed influents which ranges from Thy Art Is Murder to As I Lay Dying. In addition to the foretold musical background, Cranely Gardens add a bit Djent essence to the songs as well. If one asks me which all songs are the best ones, I would recommend them to time some time off to sit down and listen to this album at its entirety. At last the album ceases with another masterpiece entitled The Challenger.

After a 27 minutes of fresh Deathcore, I can remember every single Breakdowns and Thick guitar riffs played hence the album is memorable. House of Decay proves that Deathcore from Locust Valley can surely create an impact on the listeners. Don’t Sleep on this Album. If you are a Deathcore enthusiast I highly suggest you to Purchase this album ASAP, I doubt you will regret it. Probably the best album to come across my desk, I will make sure to follow these guys so as to keep updated with their future works.


01. Muswell Hill
02. History of a Drowning Boy (feat. Will Ramos)
03. Seven Faces (feat. Chad Ruhlig)
04. Savages (feat. Dan Watson)
05. Rapture (feat. Josh Frazier)
06. Carry the Earth
07. The Challenger


Alex – Bass
Chaz – Vocals
Joe – Guitar
Randy – Guitar
Ryan – Drums

Rate: 9.5/10

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Sooraj Ram

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