WRATH OF BELIAL „Bloodstained Rebellion”

Prime Collective, 2017


Music: Melodic Thrash Death Metal
Duration: 45:55 minutes (11 track)
Country: Denmark


This Danish band WRATH OF BELIAL exist almost two years. However, the beginnings of the band date back ten years ago, when the band in a different line-up was called PARIAH SYNDICATE… Despite everything, “Bloodstained Rebellion” is their first album…

The material presented by the Danes is very dynamic and sharp, showing a vigorous, raging and powerful licks, riffs and hits… I would say, it actually shows anger of fallen angel… The anger, full of instrumental and vocal aggression and brutality as well as explosive blows and crushing sequences, which only sometimes transform into melodious motifs, guitar solos and climate-dark slowing-downs.

The music is very lively and technically arranged, containing a large amount of guitar’s raptures, in the form of sharp or melodious solos or accents. Of course prevail here death-metal patents, ranging from a brutal sound, drum’s blasts across the powerful growls and deep monstrous vocals, which are supplemented by acute wheezing screams (in style of death / grindcore bands), which gives an interesting vocal effect.

The music is crushing and shreding ruthlessly… The material is bloody and predatory… The wrath of Belial has no mercy…

1. Traitors
2. Mirror Fiend
3. Aftermath of a Tyrant
4. Reborn Through Your Demise
5. Set Sails for the End of the World
6. With Hell Assured
7. Battleborn
8. Hellion
9. Six Feet Under Pandora
10. A Diaphanous Signature Written by the Lost
11. Next Chapter of Enslavement

Anders Stegmann – Bass
Jacob Jørgensen – Drums
Henrik Isaksen – Guitars
Jonas Thomsen – Guitars
Kasper Hornstrup – Vocals

Rate: 7.5/10

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Tour Dates

  • Apricity European Tour 2018

    Tour line up: Atra Vetosus (Australia), Perennial Isolation (Spain), Drawn Into Descent (Belgium) and Nocturnal Depression (France) “Special Guest”.


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