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Mental Cruelty is a relatively new Slamming Deathcore band who stomped their foot firm on this ever growing industry with the success of their debut album Pereat Mundus. Its an honour for me to interview these talented musicians on behalf of Metal Centre.

Hello Guys! How are you all doing? What is the current status of your upcoming record Purgatorium?

After a little break of creativity, and because our 7 string broke, we finished the first songs and made up a concept to create the best possible mixture from all the ideas and thoughts we kept in mind all the time.

The latest single from Purgatorium had 2 guest vocalists, How was your experience working with them and Can we expect more collaborations?

It was incredibly cool to work with musicians such as Duncan or Diogo. Especially because some of our features contacted us to get their guest spot, which is an incredibly overwhelming feeling for an upcoming band such as ours.

And yeah, vocalists such as Dickie Allen from Infant Annihilator and Dan Benson from Bound In Fear will ejaculate their amazing voice onto our full length! Dan’s voal range is limitless, and Dickie is just the implementation of our dreams to work with the vocalist of our all time favourite band!

Care to share the story behind formation of the band and some influential acts?

Lucca founded Mental Cruelty back in 2015 as a local beatdown project in Karlsruhe (GER). 2016 Marvin joined and they both created their debut EP “Pereat Mundus”. In late 2016 / early 2017 vik and jake joined them on bass and the drums. After several circumstances and changed Alexandro is now the second guitarist after Marv. We’re now finally in the position to say that we found the best possible line-up we’ce could ever imagined of!

Deathcore is one among the most criticized Metal genre. How do you react for this criticism, being a Deathcore band?

The most hates against Deathcore clearly comes from (ex-)emo kids who run with the mainstream and the evolution if metal. Those who listened to bands like Suicide Silence and Whitechapel 5 years ago are now the most brutal and gory slam and beatdown lovers under the sun.

You as a band should clearly give a fuck about people who try to tell you that Deathcore sucks because opinions always depend on the eyes of the beholder.

Deathcore is, as far as we experience it, one of the most technical and challenging genres to ever exist. The brutality in our music lies within the mixture of technical riffs and the aggression formerly known from Slam.

Which one do you prefer: – Recording Sessions or Live concerts?

Live concerts.

We love to record and experimenting with new techniques and styles, but after all we love hitting the stage and getting all that feedback from the crowd and seeing how everyone loses their mind.

Which song will you recommend for a listener trying to get into your and Why do you choose that specific song?

We would never recommend a single song to get somebody into our music. That means we’d like to have someone sit down and take 2 or 3 minutes to tune into different songs. Firstly to see the change of our music and the differences within each song.

Tell us something different about yourselves that cannot be gathered on the Internet?

We’re pretty much the most annoying perfectionist on this planet. Marvin’s creativity combined with his recording/ preproduction skills costs him alot of nerves and sweat in front of the computer, and Lucca’s way to deal some things can piss off sometimes, but after all there are no secrets in our real lifes to be honest. Our social media keeps all our fans up to date on a pretty private point of view.

What are your Future plans, Care To Share the Goals that you plan to tackle in the near future?

Our main goal is to be able to live from what we create in the near future! We try our best to make a job out of our biggest passion. That’d be incredible if things could work out for us like that in some years. But also to keep our traditions within the band like recording in iur own studio in the Black Forest and making everything by ourselves as far as possible! We don’t want to end up delivering music forced from external influences.

Thank You for giving us a chance to Interview you. On behalf of Metal Centre I wish you all the Very best for your upcoming album. Cheers!

Thanks alot for this cool interview!


Lucca, Marvin, Alexandro, Jake & Vik


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