EARTHISTS. “Dreamscape”

Tragic Hero Records, 2017

Music: Melodic Metalcore / Progressive Metalcore
Duration: (12 tracks)
Country: Japan


Progressive Metalcore is a Sub-Genre of Metalcore in which the bands ideally blend Progreesive Elements onto Melodic Metalcore. But this equation is not at all easy to formulate as most of the bands that try to do this fail miserably as the so produced sound will lack complexity and timing. Hence we don’t see a lot of good bands of this kind more often. However, Today I do have a band that perfectly formulates the aforementioned style. “Earthists”, Japanese “Earthcore” has a stylistic background which is an ideal blend of Ambient textures, Progressive Riffs and the Breakdown-ish riffs taken from Melodic Metalcore. These Progressive Metalcore virtuosos released their debut album, Dreamscape in the year 2017 which took Melodic Metalcore by storm as a lot of people praised their sound. Japan being a place for Pop, Earthists proved to be on top among the critically acclaimed Pop Stars in terms of Instrumentation and Musicianship.

The opening track entitled “Dreamscape” portrays each one of their stylistic trend. With a midi beat kind of electronica at the background, The progressive riff kicks in as the drummer escalates his beat patterns. Once every texture is brought together we witness Mayhem in the form of a relentless breakdown. Dwelling on the same energy, Earthists hits again with their third track, Absolutely Zero as the song starts with a beautiful guitar part intertwined with Synth notes. Yet again the Vocals are done perfectly with a perfect balance between Screams and Cleans. However the Vocalist could use some lessons on Deeps and Gutturals(Not Complaining). The euphony of the Album grows as if the prettiness of the Moon increases day by day. Resonating Light is your typical Melodic Metalcore soundtrack with some added Synth effects so as to keep their sound clear and original. Adding a bit Techy guitar riffs the song takes centre stage when the short-lived Guitar solo initiates along the midway of the track. Flux is the band’s first ever attempt on making their genre, originally made in the year 2015/16 this song is arguably the best one on the entire record. Proggy elements keeping you mesmerized while the djenty guitar works delivers the heaviness. Overall a perfect track.

The second half of the album stands string with memorable tracks such as Cybele and Radial but its Long Way Home where one might get addicted to this album. Perfectly executed instrumentation with intact vocal works, the song proves to be a certified banger. Even though the tempo changing-Transitions might perplex you the song does have a clean production. All is well that ends well, Winterfell is a perfect track to put one in a state of wanting more. This track stands head to head with Flux to be the Best overall track.

Overall the album is a must listen. Complex guitar sections integrated with tight drumming and ambient textures, I doubt that one might find a bad track on this album.


01. Dreamscape
02. Footprints
03. Absolutely Zero
04. Resonating Light (feat. Ichika)
05. FLUX (feat. Sam Jacobs of The Afterimage)
06. Magna
07. Cybele
08. Radial
09. Fall
10. Long Way Home
11. Yuffie
12. Winterfell


You: Vocals
Yuta: Guitars
Yuto: Guitars
Shugo: Bass
Yuya: Drums

Rate: 10/10

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