ARKANA CODE „Brutal Conflict”

Metal Scrap Records, 2017

Music: Death Metal
Duration: 43:25 minuty (11 utworów)
Country: Italy


ARKANA CODE was established in 2008. The band was created by musicians living in several towns in the Italian region of Abruzzo. Earlier, before this disc they released only a demo in 2010. The graphic theme of the cover-art fits the type of music. There is an idea, but the color is dominated by blurry gray, and it is a bit sad. I think it could was possible to use more aggressive colors to more impact on the viewer.

The content of “Brutal Conflict” is a classic Death Metal, based on genre patterns, but this playing is with a vigor and involvement. The beginning of the album is the climatic intro through 48 seconds based on the keyboard and the delicate guitar. The next 10 tracks are just a metal slaughterhouse. However, we will not be disappointed by monotony or repetitions. In each composition, something is going on, the changes in rhythms and melodies, the temporary slowing-downs, the climatic fragments, insertions of short declamations, whispers. The Abruzzo’s quintet do not grumble about lack of musical ideas.

The Italians have controlled their instruments perfectly, and the singer is very engaged, singing with devotion. All musicians are well-knit, they cooperate for the final artistic effect. The guitarist is most noticeable musicians. Every song has the interesting guitar’s motives and solos, the aggressive but also melodious. He colours this brutal Metal of death by its playing.

In this music is audible an enthusiasm and joy with the playing and the community of creation. The metallers from Italy do not discover America, but not only the most diehardly Death Metal fans can listen this music. The every fan of aggressive and intelligent music should like “Brutal Conflict”. It is A successful debut.

2.Violent Human Corruption
3.Oppressor of Darkness
4.Escape from My Mind
5.Tortured by My Mind
6.Mutilated Reality
7.Dismember the Control
8.The Holocaust Horde
9.Mortuary March
10.Psychiatric Kingdom
11.Astral Illusion

Paolo Ponzi – gitara
David Folchitto – perkusja
Francesco Torresi – wokal
Giusy Bettei – bas
Luca Natarella – gitara

Rate: 8.0/10


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Livius Pilavi

He comes from Poland. Hobbies: music, visual arts, literature, philosophy, biology, neuroscience, astronomy, unusual variety of chess. Favorite music genres: Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Gothic, New Wave, Cold Wave, Noise, Electronic music of Berlin School. Sometimes he creates controversial stories and drawings.



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  • Apricity European Tour 2018

    Tour line up: Atra Vetosus (Australia), Perennial Isolation (Spain), Drawn Into Descent (Belgium) and Nocturnal Depression (France) “Special Guest”.


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