SONS OF DEATH VALLEY „Fathers of The Free”

Prime Collective, 2017

Music: Hardcore / Stoner Metal
Duration: 40:00 minutes (11 tracks)
Country: Denmark


“Fathers of the Free” is the band’s second material and it seems to be focused on the North American climate, but this time the band’s photo even more suggest the Wild West, Western…

It can be said that in the case of this album, also the first track “Wars” introduced the aforementioned atmosphere, but this time by mysterious sounding Banjo compatible with the heavy distorted guitar. This later unequivocally passed into the dynamic and very forceful Hardcore playing, which thanks to specially aggressive articulation and vocal phrasing often associated with the screams of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Although this comparison may be a bit overblowned, but it is important that it is a very emotional Hardcore shriek emphasizing the seriousness of the situation, hahaha…

There would be nothing extraordinary, but the except is that the cowboys occasionally use motifs of Blues playing it on the heavy-sounding guitars, which combined with Hardcore aggression and heavy but melodious Stoner Metal climate creates a pretty cool groove. Especially the vocals are not only screaming (as I mentioned before), but also dynamically sing and even shout (as in the organized groups from Wild West, in this case it’s not The Magnificent Seven, but the The Magnificent Five, hahaha…).

Unfortunately, here is too little the insertions of Western, as for me and this only cause huge want, and unfortunately I feel it… Anyway, this was the same on the previous album. But now, on the current album, the song “Your God” slightly perked this album, imparting the atmosphere as I desired between heavy Hardcore-Metal music, and even adding the catchy melodious chorus. Without these distorted guitars, the track in its first part would resemble the atmosphere that Nergal (from BEHEMOTH) now creates with John Porter in the project called ME AND THAT MAN.

In spite of the shortage atmosphere of Wild West, these Sons of Death Valley interestingly connected fast and aggressive parties with heavy slowdowns. The Hardcore trend has dominated in the previous time on the previous album… and now the Stoner Metal playings are more purposive and it created quite a nice and energetic explosive liquid.

1. Wars
2. Path of The Righteous
3. Fight Song
4. The Undertaker
5. Three Finger Jack
6. Death Is Coming
7. Your God
8. Unforgettable Hate
9. Redemption
10. Devils Dance
11. Fathers of The Free

Dan – Vocals
Lars – Guitar
Stefan – Guitar
Kim – Drums
Torben – Bass

Rate: 7.0/10

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