Metal Scrap Records, 2016

Music: Melodic Death Metal
Duration 37:12 minutes (10 tracks)
Country: Italy


FROM THE SHORES was set up in 2008 in picturesque Venice. They previously released one EP in 2008 and one single in 2011. In the cover-art of the latest Italians work featured interesting drawings, kept in icy cold blue-violet colors. But the music on the disc is hot. It’s a fast, sharp Melodic Death Metal with very few quantity of short tranquil breaths.

The only drawback of “Of Apathy” is the small diversity. The musicians have good skills and they are well-knit. But this Venetian quintet plays almost always sharply and forward at the same pace and rhythm on this album. The first four songs are very similar to themselves. If you are not looking at the display of your player, you may not realize that one track has already ended and was started another. After that comes the most interesting piece on the album “Incest of the Wretched”. It starts with a sublime mood and full of despair singing, alternating with hoarsed vocals. After a moment’s slow-down, we hear some interesting solo performances of the bassist, then the music accelerates, and the whole ends with a quiet guitar against the background of gentle keyboards and the sounds of storms and rain. The song “Opus XIII” is a neatly arranged short intro. Initially the cold keyboards play, then the mysterious sounds dominate, then the music start uncoil violently to suddenly ending. The other songs do not differ much from the main style of “Of Apathy”. But we will find there the fragments of the climate, also heavy, interesting guitar solos, also the drummer has its moments. The main screamer sings in different ways: hoarsely, low growl and black-metal scream. Often, these vocals are supported by the second vocalist. After the last track and after two minutes of silence is hidden track in style of short outro, which was played by keyboards.

The latest work of FROM THE SHORES is not an outstanding record, but nor is it a failure. This is a good album, but it depends on the band whether their music will be progressive on subsequent releases.

1.This Aint Another Feast for Crows
2.Heaven’s Dark Harbinger
3.The Constellation Thirst
4.To Rest in Arms of Perfection
5.Incest of the Wretched
7.Opus XIII
9.I, the Firebreather
10.Weakness of the Flesh

Luca Cassone – vocal
Nicolo Theo del Zotto – bass & vocal
Leonardo Manente – guitar
Giorgio Dorico – guitar
Nicolo Sambo – drums

Rate: 7.0/10


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Livius Pilavi

He comes from Poland. Hobbies: music, visual arts, literature, philosophy, biology, neuroscience, astronomy, unusual variety of chess. Favorite music genres: Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Gothic, New Wave, Cold Wave, Noise, Electronic music of Berlin School. Sometimes he creates controversial stories and drawings.



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