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Total Metal Records & Metal Scrap Records, 2016

Music: Thrash Death Metal / Extreme Metal
Duration: 43:37 minutes (8 tracks)
Country: Greece


To be outspoken, I know Greek’s Metal music as Black Metal, but of course the Hellenes can also offer for us other extreme Metal species. In the case of DESERT NEAR THE END, the Greeks hit very hard and dynamically with their third album, presenting a furious thunderstorm, that consists mainly of Thrash-Death Metal components with elements such as Hellenic Black Metal or even Melodic Death Metal as well as Power Metal.

Themes of Thrash are very aggressive and hoarse-screamingly, in style of SLAYER or KREATOR. On the other hand, the Death’s themes are both brutal but also melodious, in style of DEATH, like their short climatic solos. Also, some of the riffs are slightly marked with Greek Black Metal, although it is only a small breath.

Apart from sharp and stormy music, full of fast, heavy and energetic phrases, there are temporary slowingdowns, clean guitars motives and even clean singings, giving dark and melancholy atmosphere, epic Power Metal accent, or even a folk breeze for this wholeness (a little as ORPHANED LAND).

The album features an exciting power-ballad, typical of Thrash Metal style, full of aggression and melancholy, of course with clean guitar passages, climatic solos and rising tensions by dynamic riffs.

After the listening to the album, I am more and more inclined to say that the whole thing reminded me of Polish HELLIAS and despite all the musical influences, the whole thing is very coherent, with a significant superiority of very energetic Thrash Death Metal strokes, typical for 90’s of XX century.


1. Ashes Descent
2. Faces in the Dark
3. Point of No Return
4. Under Blackened Skies
5. A Martyr’s Birth
6. Season of the Sun
7. Theater of War
8. At the Shores

Alexandros Papandreou – Vocals
Akis Prasinikas – Bass
Thanos K – Guitars

Rate: 8.0/10


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