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SONS OF DEATH VALLEY release 1st single

SONS OF DEATH VALLEY drags you into a universe which takes place in the middle of the 19th century. Based on stories of oppression, unity and dreams of freedom, The Sons will take you through the darkest corners of Death Valley with their aggressive and straight-forward hardcore rock’n’roll, as they mix it with gloomy and dusty blues.

SONS OF DEATH VALLEY was formed in 2014 and have already released a well recieved first album The Day of Reckoning in 2015. The record received great reviews and the band recently signed a worlwide booking deal with Dragon Productions (Volbeat, D.A.D).

Now the band is set to release the first single from their upcoming album Fathers Of The Free. The single ‘Path of The Righteous’ is accompanied by a music video made in collaboration with Sebastian Falck Stigsby.

The band has played show all over the world of concerts, playing with bands such as SNOT (US), Crowbar (US) and HateSphere (DK ). Soon you’ll be able to experience them live at this years edition of SPOT Festival and Distortion.

The album ‘Fathers of The Free’ will be released through Prime Collective on May 12, 2017.


1. Wars
2. Path of The Righteous
3. Fight Song
4. The Undertaker
5. Three Finger Jack
6. Death is Coming
7. Your God
8. Unforgettable Hate
9. Redemption
10. Devils Dance
11. Fathers of The Free

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