THE GREAT KAT “Rossini’s Rape”

TPR Music, 2000

Music: Speed Thrash Metal / Shred Metal / Neoclassical Metal
Duration: 06:20 minutes (4 tracks)
Country: United States


This is another EP of sadistic Goddess of Female Domination and shredding… This time, her razor-sharp fingers touch the works of Italian composers – Gioacchino Rossini and Antonio Bazzini… And rather her fingers refer to creativity of these composers… But it is no matter, because malicious people probably would say that if these famous composers will be listen to such terrifying music then they will be suffer in their graves with anger… Well, we don’t know it to 100%. And who knows, maybe the material released in their honor make them happy in the afterlife? Assuming that if they are in Hell then probably they are delighted with climates which serves THE GREAT KAT, what it states already with the cover-art – a very erotic female domination enriched by a Christian religious symbolism…

… So what can we expect from the next material of Katherine Thomas?… Traditionally, the first song literally refers to the works of some important composer… Now – Gioacchino Rossini. The song is the interpretation of the works of “William Tell Overture”, where was added arrangements of “metal guitars”, which gave to the composition of aggressiveness with combination of the ultra-fast pace as well as with the maniacal madness…

Of course, the next track – “Sodomize” is own composition – as usual it is speed-thrash-grindcore song with ultra rapid, devastating, very chaotic themes with a lot of negative emotions as well as insane screams but enriched by masterly-shredded solos and blasts with accents of orchestral explosions…

“Castration” – the third track is also own composition. This time it’s creation of speed-thrash-neoclassical-metal, in which ultra-fast, aggressive, furious metal arrangements intertwine with ultra-fast symphonic melodies (with the dominance of the violin), led by the sinister screams and hysterical shrieks (like from the Sabbath of angry witches)…

The EP was closed by the crazy interpretation of the works of Bazzini – “The Road of the Goblins” played by the sounds of the symphonic orchestra with the “metal” band. The song, of course, is very fast, faster than the original. And “the metal guitar”, the strong drum beats and the leading violin make the composition becomes very sharp and fitful…

To create such music probably this is need to be under the influence of some psychostimulants (drugs) and in addition for this this is need to have in itself the accumulated a huge amount of various frustration and aggressive feelings with perverted bloodthirsty tendencies… Listening to the album less than seven minutes it is enough to do the chaff from the brain…


1. Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” for Symphony Orchestra & Band
2. Sodomize
3. Castration
4. Bazzini’s “The Road of the Goblins” for Violin, Piano & Band

Katherine Thomas – Guitars & Violins & Screams, Cyber Orchestra
Jeff Ingegno – Bass, Samples
Lionel Cordew – Drums

Rate: 8.0/10

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