Prime Collective, 2016

Music: Melodic Pop Rock / Progressive Rock
Duration: 48:25 minutes (11 tracks)
Country: Denmark


Danish quartet and their album entitled “Persona” is another challenge for me and my musical sensitivity for making review. The reviews as always are subjective.

The band from Copenhagen is a professional for sure from the first track and has (what you hear) a good skills, both instrumentally and vocally. The musicians performed their work well, creating their album. But will it be a hit or only well done a work for selected listeners?

I think this is material for special analysis, because here there is no lack of good melodic playing and clean melodic vocals, which at first listening it seem simple and catchy. But on the other hand, the non-standard insertions of connected together sounds To be honest, the more I listen, the more it become curious and interesting.

The complex percussive rhythms with the melodic playing and the really clean and interesting-sounding vocals create phenomenal and complex musical compositions, which can impact many listeners. The tracks are extraordinary, rich in a variety of strange, sometimes cosmically sounding themes and the complex parties of sounding like a good Progressive Rock.

To sum up, the whole album is a predominance of Pop Rock music, which is kept in a similar musical interpretation, when it comes to the variety of sound tracks. There is no song, which is standing out musically from other songs. It’s an album for all levelized emotionally, who are not waiting from the track to track on a hit or a wave of strong dynamic sound. For me the album contains curiously composed songs, which are professionally made. This all become another interesting musical adventure. You also will feel the adventure if you only to reach for their album…

01. New Fast Low
02. Just a Sound
03. Old
04. Bring It
05. Jealousy United
06. Sky
07. Dysfunk
08. Persona
09. The Slip
10. Innuendo Pt. I
11. Innuendo Pt. II

Kristian Mayntz Kierulff – Vocal & Guitar
Frederik Duus Møller – Guitar
Mikkel Brodersen – Bass
Michael Nymann Folmer – Drums

Rate: 8.0/10

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