THE GREAT KAT “Bloody Vivaldi”

TPR Music, 2010

Music: Speed Thrash Neoclassical Symphonic Shred Metal / Grindcore
Duration: 07:00 minutes (4 tracks)
Country: USA


“Bloody Vivaldi” is another EP of the sadistic goddess of shredding the sense of hearing and the works of Classical Music. Of course, it is a re-edition EP of 2010, which was originally released in 1998.. As the music Antonio Vivaldi often caressed my ears, so the more I was curious what the bloodthirsty Katherine Thomas made this time. At the same time it should be mentioned that it was made out of respect to the great works of Classical Music and its creators. Even if the interpretations of these types of tracks are arranged for a very fast and brutal notes and they often are graphically decorated by the bloody sado-masochistic-military themes. In any case, surely many Metal fans reach for the original versions of the songs (even out of curiosity) thanks to the achievements of THE GREAT KAT. And this is an important step in music education of Metal fans, which are very receptive for Classical Music. Me, for example, I also decided to look more closely at the works of Pablo Sarasate, whose the song “Carmen Fantasy” crowns the work “Bloody Vivaldi”.

The material was started by metal-orchestral variation of “The Four Seasons” inspired by the work of Antonio Vivaldi with the same title. Even the original masterpiece is somewhat dark, melancholic and dynamic, and even it contains the joy and carefree. So when THE GREAT KAT added the sounds of drums and the guitars riffs as well as the guitar-violin solos in its arrangements then the each of the emotions shown in the original masterpiece was enhanced. This song is like a short review of “The Four Seasons” of THE GRAT KAT, as well as this is the proof of virtuosity of Katherine Thomas.

Of course, THE GREAT KAT not only produces cover-songs, as is evidenced the next composition “Torture Chamber”, which was announced by the ominous whisper Katherine “Welcome To My Torture Chamber!”… And the show was began! The shrill shrieks and screaming vocals of Katherine brought sadistic content… And in the background… The ultra-fast guitar riffs, razor-sharp licks and the masterly parties (with neoclassical breath) form totally crazy and possessed the wall of sound… Katherine entertains guest in her torture chamber… The shrill screams and moans of guest are clearly audible… And everything is done in Grindcore pace with industrial-noise insertion in the middle of the song… I do not know whether any lover of masochism will survive these two and a half minutes in the torture chamber of THE GREAT KAT.

“Blood” is a shocking composition about adoration and love… about adoration of Katherine for blood… and specifically about the desire to consuming of blood… The song, as usual, is presented with a furious speed in Grindcore-ultra speed Metal style, where the high screams and squeals of Katherine are interweaved by hoarse demonic screams. The whole sense of hearing with eardrums actually are shredding and crushing as well as additionally this track makes the chaff from the brain…

The last song “Carmen Fanasy” (as I mentioned earlier is a exploration of works by Pablo Sarasate), even though it is fast, very dynamic and sharp then it is rest for our ears, after the previous two pieces. The composition shows (like the first song) crazy metal-orchestral arrangement full of guitar riffs and masterly guitar-violin solos with distinctly working drums.

And then there was a silence… I am not surprised that the materials of THE GREAT KAT have short duration… It’s better for our health (not just mental health).

1. The Four Seasons
2. Torture Chamber
3. Blood
4. Carmen Fantasy

Katherine Thomas – Guitars & Violins & Screams, Cyber Orchestra
Jeff Ingegno – Bass, Samples
Lionel Cordew – Drums
Craig Kollerman – Samples
Bill Fauci – Industrial sound effects

Rate: 8.0/10

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