Solanum Records, 2015

Music: Gothic Rock / Doom Metal
Duration: 53 minutes (10 tracks)
Country: Austria


RUSTY PACEMAKER is a solo project of an artist with the same nickname, which at the beginning of the twenty-first century began to create their own music inspired by his idol Quorthon (Bathory, Quorthon). In 2010 it was released first album “Blackness and White Light” and a year later the artist began to create more songs for the next album. However, the final version of the tracks has appeared only in 2015 under the name “Ruins”.

The climate flowing from the album is dark, melancholy, sometimes downright depressing. The compositions seem to slowly flow and they permeate the surrounding space as well as they create the gloomy atmosphere and sometimes the depressive apathy enriched by the emotional raptures.The arrangements circulate around the rock-metal themes featured the gothic climate and the doom-metal rhythms. But between the slow paces also there appear the accelerations and the powerful guitar-percussion hits.

The climatic guitar solos, the clean arpeggios of guitar and piano as well as the specific singing of Rusty cause peculiar melody. The singing sometimes is like a different pitch than the guitar in background, giving the impression out of tune. The artist also ventured for a few seconds of screams a la Black Metal, which sounded interesting and predatory (unfortunately only in the one song). In addition, the album sometimes is diversified by the gentle singings of the mysterious Lady K, which makes the music is more melancholic.

I think that the idea of ??arrangement is very good. However, I would prefer this material with a more well-designed vocals.

1. Ruins
2. Made of lies
3. Ocean of life
4. The game
5. Night angel
6. Candlemess
7. Forever
8. Matter over mind
9. Knowing
10. Pillow of silence

Rusty Hessel ? vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Guest musicians:
Franz L?chinger ? drums
Lady K ? female vocals

Rate: 7.0/10

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