ESTATE “Fantasia”


Mighty Music, 2014

Music: Symphonic Heavy / Power Metal
Duration: 50:34 minutes (11 tracks)
Country: Russia


ESTATE is a Russian group which has existed since 2012. And their disc is the debut album released in 2014…

The Russian band has its own mission – to play live and loud Heavy Metal, because the most important are powerful Metal sound, timbre and volume. Well, they play Heavy Metal while under the influence – as they claim – bands like HELLOWEEN or SCORPIONS…

This material confirms musical skills with regard to technical or rhythmical playing. The songs are refined, thoughtful and are played at a high level. Sometimes the progressive and sharp sounds add to the claw for the whole. The keyboards play a significant role with the extensive passages, it give a haughtiness, artistry, heroism and tradition to the songs, that produce a kind of musical tension and favorably affect the overall sound of the band. The vocals are melodic, hoarse, deviating from the characteristic vocals for Heavy Metal groups such as e.g. HELLOWEEN. The singings sometimes can be compared to artists such as Grzegorz Kupczyk or ROb Halford… In short, summing up my feelings, they play traditional Power Heavy Metal with influences of Symphonic Metal, Glam Metal, elements of Pop from the 80s and with the interesting inserts on the keys.

The Russian group is adequately prepared for the conquest of Heavy Metal music market. I think they will find many listeners thanks to its debut album, which will give them even more force for the creation of new so fantastic materials. Already I am waiting for next album…

1. Intro
2. Hero
3. Tarantella
4. Silent Dream
5. World Without You
6. You Are Not Alone
7. Absolutely True!
8. Holy Land (Fantasia)
9. The War
10. The Night of Asura
11. I’d Rather Die

Vadim Lalayan – bass
Nikolay “Nicke Pix-R” Pikhurov – drums
Alexey Seleznev – guitars
Dmitriy “Mauzer” Efimov – keyboards
Alexander Chumakov – vocals

Rate: 10/10

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