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    GRUZJA Reveals Debut Album Details

    Gruzja and their I Iść Dalej (And Move Further) debut full length is soon to be released. On a black metal scene featuring virtually any subgenre one might think of, this is going to be a hell of a record that will actually make you verify your views and opinions! A totally unpredictable and astonishing…

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    POPIÓŁ reveals debut album details

    After a 20-year long hiatus, the idea is eventually brought to life. Based on Thy Worshiper’s former and current members, and deriving its name from Thy Worshiper’s identically titled debut release, Popiół members come forth, saying “there is a time for everything. They say you can’t turn back time, but… We have decided to continue…

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    VODNIK – Interview with Vince Anastasi (drums)

    „You can compare some of our sound to bands like Meshuggah and Pantera who have labeled themselves or have been labeled as ‘groove metal’. (…) the new material is going to be a huge, heavy step up from ODOJ. It’s going be wild and brutal.” – Vince Anastasi.

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    DOOMSTER REICH “How High Fly tbe Vultures”

    A year after well received “Drug Magick” album, Doomsters unleash their third record. “How High Fly the Vultures” is a worthy successor of their former releases – heavier, more wolfish and unpredictable.

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    News from DIRA MORTIS

    “On December 28th, expect on our official Facebook profile (, the premiere of the long-awaited video for the song “Self-Destructive Salvation” from our last album “Psalms of Morbid Existence”.



  • Win album “The Elder’s Anthology” of RAPHEUMETS WELL [Closed]

    Asher Media Relations has for you the album “The Elder’s Anthology” of RAPHEUMETS WELL is due out on October 26th from Test Your Metal Records and is for fans of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Septic Flesh, Dimmu Borgir. So, if you want to win these CD then you write for us!

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  • Wacken Metal Battle – Sri Lanka

    Catch the best bands in Sri Lanka who will compete to play at the biggest metal festival in the world Wacken Open Air!


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